Empowering AI Workshop in Hebron

In a remarkable collaborative effort, The American House Jerusalem, in partnership with Palestine Technopark and PalTechus, organized an exceptional one-day AI workshop at Biet Al Tifil YDRC in Hebron. The event focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential for young entrepreneurs and aspiring youth in Palestine.


The workshop commenced with a captivating session led by Khaldoon Halawani, shedding light on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. Participants delved into the world of AI, exploring its applications and opportunities for transformative innovation.


Following the engaging introduction to AI, Dr. Fayeq Oweis shared the inspiring startup journey of Aqlama.ai. His success story served as a beacon of hope, motivating aspiring entrepreneurs and showcasing the possibilities of turning ideas into thriving businesses.


The workshop transcended borders as Hisham Jabi joined virtually from the US. His insights into recent AI trends in the US provided a broader perspective on global AI advancements, inspiring participants to think beyond local horizons.


The workshop's resounding success highlights the significance of collaboration between The American House Jerusalem, PalTechus, and Palestine Technopark. Together, they are empowering young innovators and entrepreneurs, nurturing a thriving AI ecosystem in Palestine.