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The first building at the Palestine India Techno Park is the flagship building and is located in a strategic location within the wider Master Plan. The building features 7 floors with a total built-up area of 9,500m2. The building features distinctive design elements fostering connected communities and is surrounded by daylight sun that the atrium invites.  

The Basement Floor - Don’t Just Work, Live Life!

The Basement floor consists of parking spaces, storage, and a health centre. The health centre is made up of an indoor swimming pool, relaxation area, a fully equipped gym and other leisure services such as sauna, lounge, and a poolside-bar. The area is designed to provide a relaxing experience.

The Ground Floor - Do not Just Work, Be Part of a Community!

Do you require a desk space within a community that fosters a collaborative spirit? This floor inspires freelancers, professionals and remote workers interested in being part of a larger community. Our flexible membership plans are tailored to fit all of your needs. We offer an office desk space with FLEXIBLE working environment suitable for your mode of work.
Our distinct CO-WORKING ZONES can host up to 45 individuals who can, in addition to their co-working space, benefit from the reception services and shared facilities of the building and these include phone booths, meeting rooms, library, auditorium, and a seminar room. Not only can you benefit from the facilities and the reception services, but you also get access to our shared-office amenities and services such as printers and scanners, storage lockers, and incorporation and consulting services related to your business. 
On this floor, you will enjoy gourmet food serviced by the cafeteria, next to our management offices. The cafeteria and workshop area can fit up to 60 people. 

The First and Second Floors - Clustering Start-Ups for Creative Collaboration

What is special about the building is the variety of the sizes of the shared office spaces. Both the first and second floors have flexible layouts to accommodate START-UPS at different growth stages.
Not only does the Palestine – India Techno Park building provide flexible shared office spaces with smart amenities and are open around the clock, but it also offers a professional environment that is engaging, a reception, and a directory of the companies that operate within our premises. Whatever you need to get your business up and running, you can do it here in an innovative and collaborative setting.  

  • Inspire CURIOSITY
  • Encourage INNOVATION

The Third Floor - Leapfrog Your Business with Innovation!

The third floor is dedicated to innovation using emerging technology labs, and those include Blockchain, FinTech, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things and Robotics labs. These labs are built to help your company leapfrog in adopting emerging technologies, commercializing new products, and integrating with global value chains. 
The INNOVATION LABS will cluster students, academic researchers, entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, companies from the private sector, as well as early adopters to develop a supporting eco-system through innovative led initiatives and advance products through the integration of emerging technologies that these labs provide. 

The Fourth and the Fifth Floors - Reserve Your Corporate Open Office Space NOW!

With an average area of 120m2, the upper floors promise a variety of flexible open office space with an exceptional view. The CORPORATE OFFICES at the Palestine – India Techno Park building are everything you want and more with an interior design that is flexible to allow for further office expansion. You can literally grow your office space alongside your business. Not to mention our premium services and amenities catered to you accordingly.   
In addition to flexible corporate office space, our fifth floor accommodates a garden TERRACE available to all members. This spacious terrace is intended to provide a daily interaction with nature whether you want to take a break and destress the day or socialize with other members of the Park. 


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