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Members are at the core of the PTP,  they all have a passion to make the world a better place. Thank you for your good work! Together we can do much more.

Eummena: aims to promote knowledge, innovation, and entrepreneurship based economic development projects in the technology sector in the Palestinian market. 

Visual Art Forum: the partnership's objective is to create a digital art lab specialized in animation and illustration courses in addition to any digital art required, special equipment, or capacity building and technical training.

WeDeliver:  Delight your customers, with just one delivery partner. WeDeliver is the fastest, easiest way for ecommerce businesses to launch and scale same-day delivery that reaches every household in 13 cities.

Modesta: Modesta is more than a website We are here to change the rules of the game for a different online shopping experience. We bring you the most fashionable and modest fashion in one place.

Falak:  Falak Company is a company specialized in the application of the Odoo system for the management of companies and institutions. The system includes accounting, inventory management, sales and purchases management, customer relationship management and points of sale and many other advantages that help in organizing the work of companies and institutions

GIL: GIL is your one-stop solution for learning Arabic language online. Arabic is a beautiful and pragmatic language with real academic and business implications. It is one of the most sought-after foreign languages to learn in North America, Europe, and Asia. Although half a billion people across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) speak Arabic as their first language, finding a quality place to learn Arabic is difficult elsewhere in the world. Arabic learning centers are not easily accessible like an Alliance Française or a Goethe-Institut. In addition, traditional online Arabic teaching methods lack engagement and immersive experiences. Consequently, GIL was conceptualized as an immersive Arabic learning platform that fills these gaps.

Amal: A startup company aimed to bring together construction workers and contractors to make it easier for both parties to work and to build a better future.

Foothill Technology Solutions is an International Software development company with Offices in the USA and Palestine. We provide an array of advanced development and consulting services with the highest standards, along with an in-house engineering function added as a direct expansion to our clients’ team.
FTS has always been dedicated to deliver the most advanced technology solutions, guaranteed to meet the needs of the clients. We have achieved many successes and developed core projects throughout the years with a diverse range of clients, fostering local talent and creating career opportunities in Palestine, in service of both Palestine and the global market.

Tabibfind: Tabibfind is an easy-to-use application and service platform that helps patients get second opinions on medical solutions and plan high-quality medical treatment at scale and at an affordable cost. It is always easier to make healthcare choices when there is someone by your side through the entire process, and we want to be that person for you. With over 20 hospitals, 500 doctors and a dedicated care team available 24/7, we support the journey towards health.

AD3: AD3 is an architectural services firm. It provides architectural design for exterior and interior spaces, supervision, 3D visualization, animation, VR and projection mapping services. In addition, AD3 is providing architectural lighting design including projection mapping. AD3 is collaborating with electromechanical and structural professional consultants to provide a full package of tender documents and specifications.

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