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Members are at the core of the PTP,  they all have a passion to make the world a better place. Thank you for your good work! Together we can do much more.

Palestine Techno Park is home to

Eummena aims to promote knowledge, innovation, and entrepreneurship based economic development projects in the technology sector in the Palestinian market. 

Modesta is more than a website We are here to change the rules of the game for a different online shopping experience. We bring you the most fashionable and modest fashion in one place.

Foothill Technology Solutions is an International Software development company with Offices in the USA and Palestine. We provide an array of advanced development and consulting services with the highest standards, along with an in-house engineering function added as a direct expansion to our clients’ team.
FTS has always been dedicated to deliver the most advanced technology solutions, guaranteed to meet the needs of the clients. We have achieved many successes and developed core projects throughout the years with a diverse range of clients, fostering local talent and creating career opportunities in Palestine, in service of both Palestine and the global market.

AD3 is an architectural services firm. It provides architectural design for exterior and interior spaces, supervision, 3D visualization, animation, VR and projection mapping services. In addition, AD3 is providing architectural lighting design including projection mapping. AD3 is collaborating with electromechanical and structural professional consultants to provide a full package of tender documents and specifications.

Ninja Van is a leading logistics company that is changing the game in last mile package delivery. Founded in 2014, the company has rapidly established itself as a major player in Southeast Asia, with sorting warehouses in countries like Singapore, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Fluxir is revolutionizing the way people travel by simplifying the process of obtaining travel documentation. With our innovative platform, travel companies can now streamline their processes and improve the mobility profile of their customers, making it easier for them to travel anywhere in the world.

CanAR is a startup company founded by students at Birzeit University that has created a distinctive interactive application that provides a unique and new experience in presenting the educational content of the educational curricula using augmented reality technology, which is an advanced technology that contributes to making the educational process more interactive and enjoyable, which increases the motivation and satisfaction of students in education,specifically For educational materials so that they can be presented in a visualway that attracts the student to them

Menaforce a leading agile and innovative business and technology consulting firm that is changing the game in the Middle East and North Africa region. With an extensive network of top-notch professionals includes technical and development experts, as well as financial and business analysts.

Synergia provides a comprehensive employment service that includes payroll, benefits, and compliance tools. Their service ensures that you comply with all regulations. They handle all the paperwork and government reporting required for your business to operate legally and compliantly. They also provide ongoing support and advice from our expert team of legal and HR professionals to ensure you stay updated on the latest laws and regulations.

The Jerusalem Hi-Tech Forum (JHF)
JHF  is a dynamic, community-driven organization with a mission to shape the future of hi-tech in Jerusalem. With a focus on supporting entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable growth, JHF is dedicated to helping the city become a global destination for hi-tech and technology-focused companies.

Selena Technologies
Selena Technologies is a pioneering Palestinian company that combines expertise in both healthcare and information technology. With a solid track record of success, Selena Technologies is a leader in delivering innovative solutions that make a real difference in the lives of patients and healthcare providers.

GGateway is a women-led, impact-driven information technology outsourcing company founded in 2015. They have developed an innovative model that includes both job creation and capacity building. This successful business model and our reliable operations have enabled us to establish ourselves as a regional IT outsourcing hub.

DIGITAL PLUS  is a leading company in Digital Marketing offering a wide range of online services that help business to reach, engage and sell to online users world wide.DIGITAL PLUS offers all it’s services through professional team that can manage social media account and pages starts from posting, engaging, replying, reading statistics, reporting and recommend future campaigns as per clients demand, also we know in-depth how to optimize your website so it ranks on top of search engine results (i.e. Google, Ping, Yahoo …etc.). We do Google AdWords Campaign after deep study on special keywords according to your business objectives (Pay-Pay-Click Campaigns). DIGITAL PLUS is the owner of new portal


Grow is an Undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada , and in cooperation with the Ministry of National Economy, GROW is 4.5-year project (2018-2022) that aims to enhance economic empowerment and increase prosperity for low-income women and youth in the West Bank. The project responds to the development needs and challenges faced by female entrepreneurs in the West Bank, to move beyond their essential but largely unrecognized roles, ultimately contributing to their increased voice and agency in both social and economic spheres, while enhancing the overall productivity and competitiveness of the target value chains within the agribusiness subsector.


Park in the City (PNC) introduces an innovative solution to address the ever-growing demand for urban parking. PNC has developed a sophisticated mobile application that connects property owners with available parking spaces to drivers seeking convenient and reliable parking options within cities. The user-friendly app allows property owners to list their unused parking spaces for rent, making them easily accessible to drivers in need.

With a seamless interface, drivers can effortlessly search for available parking spaces, reserve them, and complete the payment process, all within the app. PNC supports both Android and iOS devices, providing a streamlined parking experience for all users. By optimizing the utilization of existing parking resources, PNC promotes efficient parking management, reduces congestion, and enhances the overall urban mobility experience.

Realize Your Vision
With organizations demanding more value out of their investment in Salesforce and the worldwide shortages of high quality Salesforce consultants, Foreclouds provides a scalable experienced Salesforce teams. Our teams are lead by Salesforce trained program architects. We deliver best practices to solve current needs and the foresight to keep your Salesforce instance open to future Salesforce innovations and changing industry needs


Intersect Innovation Hub is a non-profit business incubator that provides startups with the resources they need to create cutting-edge solutions. We’re on a mission to stimulate the Palestinian entrepreneurial ecosystem by promoting a culture of collaboration, problem-solving, and design thinking.

Ninja Van

Ninja Van, a logistics company known for its technology-driven approach, has recently opened a new tech operation office at Palestine Techno Park (PTP). This strategic move allows the company to tap into the potential of the Palestinian market while also benefiting from the technologically advanced environment of the park.

The newly established tech operation office at PTP provides Ninja Van with access to cutting-edge facilities and advanced IT infrastructure, including high-speed internet connectivity and a range of state-of-the-art amenities.


Pleasure to introduce ourselves as quality suppliers for Hand & Power Tools established since 2000. The company enjoys economies of scale with its 1500 sq. yard area, our supplying capacity is over 2000 different items . We forward this to our customers in the form of competitive prices with a promise of complaint free & delivered on time (C-DOT). We basically deal with manufacturing all types of hand tools, agricultural tools, construction tools, automotive tools, and plumbing tools etc. We believe in research, design, engineering, quality testing, packing and then merchandising


First Robotics Palestine‚Äč

First Robotics -Palestine is a youth group who met to build Robotics, designing & programming.


Awn Factory 






To be program 






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