Palestine Technopark as a Cisco Networking Academy has officially begun its journey

Palestine Technopark has officially begun its journey as a Cisco Networking Academy. During a lively orientation session, enthusiastic students signed up for their first course, the CCNA.

Arafat Arafat, an esteemed Cisco expert, graced the event to offer his support and provide an explanation of the registration system and platform usage to the students. This valuable guidance paved the way for a successful start to their Cisco Networking Academy experience. After  one week Participants have thier  level exam, this examination serves as a critical step towards their path to becoming qualified professionals in the field.

The establishment of this collaboration between Palestine Technopark and Cisco holds great significance, as it seeks to empower the community by equipping them with the latest industry skills. By launching the Cisco Networking Academy at Palestine Technopark, a vital bridge is being built to address the skills gap and provide students with practical knowledge in the domains of networking and IT.