Faris Alami, Inspires Audience at Palestine Technopark

Palestine Technopark recently had the privilege of hosting a distinguished guest, Faris Alami, the Founder & CEO of International Strategic Management and the author of the book " The Power of 7 in Marketing." The event, titled "Unleash the Power of Building Relationships: The Power of 7 in Marketing," was a captivating session where Faris Alami shared his profound insights into the untapped potential of relationship-building in the realm of marketing.

During the event, Faris Alami engaged the audience with his expertise and explored innovative strategies that can transform marketing approaches. Attendees had the opportunity to gain

valuable knowledge from a leading industry professional and were further motivated to implement these transformative strategies in their own ventures. Faris Alami  brought signed copies of his book, allowing the audience to take the first steps in implementing these powerful marketing tactics.

The presence of Faris Alami and his invaluable knowledge-sharing was an addition to the community at Palestine Technopark. The event served as a catalyst for inspiration. The impact of his insights and his dedication to empowering the attendees, inspiring them to reach new heights in their marketing endeavors.