Second Module of Speeder Acceleration Program: Empowering Startups for Success.

In the frame  of innovation and ambition, the Speeder project, a cutting-edge initiative funded by the European Union in collaboration with SPARK and spearheaded by Palestine Technopark in partnership with Ovation.  This visionary project is working on developing digital, tech, green, and social entrepreneurship, propelling startups towards unprecedented heights.

From June 5th to 7th, Palestine Technopark started the second module of the Speeder Acceleration Program. The  distinguished trainers from Ovation, Laurent Mikolajczak and Tom Lismonde have joined us. Also  our Speeder coaches, who had successfully completed the program's first track, joined the session to provide invaluable insights and guidance.

Over the course of three intensive days, the participating startups immersed themselves in a wealth of knowledge and skill-building activities. The module covered an array of essential topics crucial for startup success:

  1. Lean Prices - Prices and Quantity: Startups delved into the intricacies of pricing strategies and the optimization of product quantities. Through interactive workshops and discussions, they learned effective methods to achieve market competitiveness.
  2. Value Proposition: Understanding the core value their products or services offer to customers became a focal point of the program. Startups explored how to craft compelling value propositions that resonate with their target audience.
  3. Time Management: Time is a valuable resource for any startup. In this module, participants gained valuable insights on efficient time management techniques, enabling them to prioritize tasks and maximize productivity.
  4. P&L (Profit and Loss): Financial literacy is essential for any business endeavor. Startups received expert guidance on managing profit and loss statements, equipping them with the financial acumen necessary for sustainable growth.
  5. Team Organization & Recruitment Plan: Building the right team is instrumental in achieving long-term success. The module offered practical advice on team organization and effective recruitment strategies, empowering startups to assemble talented and dedicated teams.
  6. Action Plan (DEMO DAY GOAL) - OKR: Startups learned how to set clear goals and develop action plans to attain them. By leveraging the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework, they gained valuable insights into strategic planning and goal-oriented execution.
  7. Co-founders Crucial Questions to be Asked: Successful collaboration among co-founders is vital for startup stability. Participants were guided through important questions to foster effective communication and alignment among co-founders.
  8. Investment Readiness Level (VIRAL): Understanding the readiness level for investment is essential for startups seeking funding. The module provided an overview of the Investment Readiness Level framework, enabling startups to assess and improve their investment readiness.
  9. VIRAL - Workshop (Level Estimation): Startups engaged in a comprehensive workshop to estimate their investment readiness level. Through interactive exercises and expert feedback, they gained valuable insights into the key areas requiring further development.
  10. The second module of the Speeder Acceleration Program was a resounding success, fostering knowledge-sharing and igniting the entrepreneurial spirit among our startups. The Palestine Technopark community looks forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of these dynamic ventures.