Speeder Training of Trainers Wraps Up Final Module with Great Success! Coaches Ready to Work with Startups in Acceleration Program

The Speeder program training of trainers track has officially come to a close, and we couldn't be more proud of our coaches! The three-day training event, which took place from February 19th to February 21st, was filled with excitement, learning, and lots of fun.

Kicking off the first day of the program, our coaches were ready to tackle the final module of the training. After completing the second and third modules online, they were eager to bring their newfound knowledge to the table! And with the expert guidance of Aline Goffin from Ovation Belgium, the coaches were well-equipped to dive headfirst into the last leg of their training journey.

The second day was even more exciting, as each coach prepared for their very own masterclass. From public speaking to ideation techniques, action plans, OKRs, and digital marketing, our coaches brought their unique styles and approaches to the table. It was truly inspiring to see such a diverse range of topics being covered in their presentations.

On the final day of the training, the coaches gave their presentations, showcasing their newfound skills and knowledge. The event was a huge success, and we are excited to see how our coaches will use their training to make a difference in their organizations and communities.

And the best part is, our coaches are now ready to work with the startups who will be a part of the Speeder acceleration program. They are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to guide and mentor these startups towards success.

Funded by the European Union in collaboration with SPARK, Palestine Technopark and Ovation, 'SPEEDER' - From Innovation to Creation is a result of a clear future vision about how to integrate technology to help serve the environment and to empower and support entrepreneurs in Palestine.

We at the Speeder program are thrilled with the outcome of this training event, and we congratulate our coaches on their hard work and dedication. Here's to a bright future filled with endless opportunities for growth and development!