ECOSEED Ideathon: Fostering Innovation in Eco-tourism, Circular Economy, and Agritech

On 19 December, Between the West Bank and Gaza, the ECOSEED Ideathon took place with the goal of creating technology solutions to promote socioeconomic resilience. The event was organized by Palestine Technopark and Intersect Innovation Hub in partnership with The Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ), Palestinian Heritage Trail, and Gaza University, and sponsored by Bank of Palestine.

The ECOSEED Ideathon aimed to support young individuals by providing training and validation sessions to equip them with the necessary knowledge and tools to develop their ideas in eco-tourism, circular economy, agritech, and clean tech. By participating in the ideation, individuals were given the opportunity to improve their business models, obtain support, and pitch their proposed solutions.

The event was organized parallel in Palestine TechnoPark in Birzeit and the University of Gaza and targeted innovative startups in the four eco-economic fields: eco-tourism, circular economy, agricultural technology, and clean energy. The brainstorming event was designed to provide an opportunity for idea exchange and development in environmentally friendly technical solutions that contribute to achieving a sustainable economy and enhancing social and economic resilience in Palestine.

Throughout the day, different sessions were held that covered the ECOSEED Ideathon topics. George Rishmawi, the General Director of Palestinian Heritage Trail, presented information on ecotourism in Palestine and provided context, facts, and numbers. Nader Hrimat, Deputy Director General of the Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ), discussed agritech concepts and opportunities. Dr. Yasser Khaldi, a Renewable Energy Expert, presented information on cleantech and sustainable energy. The event concluded with a group work session led by Dr. Samah Abu Assab, who provided training on Lean Canvas, ideas validation, and ideas pitching to help participants develop and validate their ideas.

The ideas designed by the participants were presented and verified for suitability and applicability at the end of the event. The training and mentorship provided during the sessions equipped the participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop their ideas in the targeted areas. The ECOSEED Ideathon is a part of our ongoing effort to support entrepreneurs with training and validation sessions and the necessary knowledge and tools to develop their ideas in eco-tourism, circular economy, agritech, and clean tech.