Meet our Startups

Astropal is an innovative startup based in Palestine, established in 2022 by a group of Palestinian entrepreneurs. Our company specializes in promoting astronomical tourism through technology, aiming to elevate the experience of exploring the skies of Palestine.   At Astropal, we are dedicated to creating a digital application that serves

Dreez - Designing a device that rely in solar panels that increase the shelf life of fruits for 2-3 years such as strawberries and dates and maintain their shape, taste and nutritional values, and stored in any temperature, and to be available for customers all the year in an attractive packaging.

Fertilizer Pen - A fertilizer pen for plant nutrition. An agricultural and technical solution for modern use, through fertilizer pen that gives the optimum amount of fertilizer and irrigation that plant needs and give feedback/recommendation for the best crop that can the farmers plant.

Ecogas - provides a unit to convert waste into biogas and organic fertilizer. The conversion unit operates using renewable energy sources, in which would help reduce the running costs, and ease environment control of the conversion process. This would result in high efficiency of the system and high purity of products.

AgriLive - is a high-tech platform specialized in agricultural field of smart irrigation and fertilization (Fertigation). This provides data collection over solar-powered IoT devices (sleeping nodes), data analyzation through AI algorithms, and help the farmer in the process of adjusting the quantities of irrigation and fertilizers. This will lead