Meet our Startups

Get to know our entrepreneurs and their startups  ! Meet Ahmad Othman the founder of and CEO of PALGY! The Palestinian Company for Energy Solutions (Palgy) is a company that specializes in technical solutions to energy and production problems. The company is working on its first device, which is a device that raises the efficiency of solar panels

Get to know our entrepreneurs and their startups! Meet Rusul Hussien and Assad Abu Ghazaleh the founders of PAL VR! PAL VR Use Virtual reality to create new interactive learning experiences for vocational training students saving them time, money and resources. PAL AR is one of Factory 4.0 acceleration program Startups.  

Get to know our entrepreneurs and their startups Meet The Founder & GM, Mahmoud Abu Shamleh, and Co-founder & CTO, Feras Abu Nimreh of SkidPick! SkidPick will provide cheap shipping opportunity and flexibility in fulfilling shipping requests with wider time span, SkidPick enjoys attractive values such as creating unseen revenue, save

Get to know our entrepreneurs and their startups! Meet Qais Hiweidi the Founder of Easy App! Easy is a mobile application that provides users with exclusive offers and more than normal discounts percentage from various stores they love. Esay App is one of Kangaroo incubation program Startups.  

Get to know our entrepreneurs and their startups! Meet Shadi Kharouf the CEO of LeapToPeak. Leap To Peak was born out of an idea to connect Palestinians to the land, each other, and ultimately with themselves. What started as a yoga and meditation exercise for 30 people in the abandoned village of Sataf in September 2021 has quickly evolved into

Get to know our entrepreneurs and their startups! Meet Laith Nazal the CEO of LangSmart! It is an application to treat and solve hearing and speech problems using artificial intelligence. The LangSmart application will depend on solving and treating these problems by creating a huge database that includes all information about the characters and also

Palestine Gate was created after a team of Entrepreneurs met at the Digital Tourism Hackathon with the goal of improving and digitizing tourism in Palestine. Using Virtual Reality and MetaVers, we will allow people with no Accessibility to Palestine to teleport virtually to historical locations. Palestine Gate is one of Kangaroo incubation program

Get to know our entrepreneurs and their startups! Meet Salah Abbas and Adnan Husen, the founders of PalAR. The idea of PalAR is to design augmented reality games in tourist places to promote tourism, to keep pace with recent developments in the context of enabling information and communication technology and employing it within the framework of

Get to know our entrepreneurs and their startups! Meet Ibrahim Harb the CEO and Co-Founder. CanAR is a startup company founded by students at Birzeit University that has created a distinctive interactive application that provides a unique and new experience in presenting the educational content of the educational curricula using augmented reality

Meet Awad Hamed the Co-Founder of Astropal! Astropal Company is a startup specializing in astronomical tourism through technology, which was established in Palestine in 2022 by a group of Palestinian entrepreneurs. The company is concerned with promoting astronomical tourism to the sky of Palestine through VR. Astropal is one of Kangaroo incubation

Dreez - Designing a device that rely in solar panels that increase the shelf life of fruits for 2-3 years such as strawberries and dates and maintain their shape, taste and nutritional values, and stored in any temperature, and to be available for customers all the year in an attractive packaging.

Fertilizer Pen - A fertilizer pen for plant nutrition. An agricultural and technical solution for modern use, through fertilizer pen that gives the optimum amount of fertilizer and irrigation that plant needs and give feedback/recommendation for the best crop that can the farmers plant.