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European Union Model Hosted at Palestine Technopark

Palestine Technopark hosted the inaugural European Union Model in Palestine. This unique simulation exercise saw 27 young Palestinians step into the roles of EU Member States, emulating the EU Foreign Affairs Council.

  • Empowering Young Diplomats

The event, held at Palestine Technopark, empowered Palestinian youth to engage in international diplomacy. They navigated complex global challenges, crafted policies, and successfully negotiated resolutions.

  • A Path Forward

This groundbreaking event not only showcased Palestinian talent but also promoted international understanding and diplomacy. It stands as a testament to the power of education and collaboration, paving the way for a brighter future.


Palestine Technopark Hosts Final Event of 'Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp' Fostering International Collaboration

Palestine Technopark proudly hosted the final event of the 'Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp,' a transformative initiative that brought together tech experts from Lithuania and Palestine. This collaborative endeavor, attended by representatives from academia, the private sector, and the public sector, has not only nurtured innovation but has also laid the foundation for enduring partnerships between the two nations' innovation ecosystems. The event serves as a beacon of international cooperation in the dynamic realm of artificial intelligence.


Palestine Technopark Hosts Qaddumi Academic Meeting on Youth Innovation

Palestine Technopark recently welcomed the meeting of Qaddumi Community of Academics for a meeting focused on youth innovation competencies and challenges. The Qaddumi Forum brought together experts and scholars to explore strategies for fostering innovation among Palestinian youth. Discussions ranged from technology adoption to nurturing entrepreneurial skills, highlighting the commitment to empower the next generation.

Palestine Technopark hosted  Palestine's national competition for the World Robot Olympiad.

Palestine Technopark proudly hosted the national competition for the World Robot Olympiad, a showcase of innovation and talent. Robotics enthusiasts from across Palestine competed with creativity and zeal. Congratulations to the winning teams who will represent Palestine at the World Robotic Olympiad, and kudos to all participants for their excellent skills and dedication.


Palestine Technopark: Hosting a Workshop for Entrepreneurship Development

Palestine Technopark played host and particpated in a four-day workshop spanning from September 17 to 20, 2023. This event was meticulously organized by the collaborative efforts of Intersect Innovation Hub (IIH), SPARK Palestine, and Village Capital, with  funding from the European Union. The primary objective of this workshop was to empower eight Palestinian Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs) by equipping them with vital tools and knowledge.

The overarching mission of this initiative is to bolster the Palestinian entrepreneurship ecosystem and facilitate the seamless access of entrepreneurs to global markets. Dina Almasaeid, serving as the Country Manager at SPARK in Palestine, underlined the paramount importance of supporting ESOs in the region. Meanwhile, Huda Tahboub, the Deputy Director of Intersect Innovation Hub, shed light on the transformative potential inherent in this program.


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