Palestine Technopark Hosts Innovative Project: Towards a Sustainable Circular Economy

Palestine Technopark was happy to   host pitching day for the participants in the "Towards a Circular Economic System that Promotes Sustainable and Environmentally Responsible Economic Growth '' program . This groundbreaking initiative, orchestrated by the Ma'an Development Center, marks a significant stride towards a more sustainable future by embracing circular economy principles.This innovative approach seeks to reduce waste, enhance resource efficiency, and promote environmentally responsible economic growth.

Walaa Samara, the Program Manager at Palestine Technopark, actively participated as a member of the judging panel. Speaking about the initiative, she said: "Witnessing the enthusiasm and ingenuity of local entrepreneurs dedicated to sustainable growth has been truly inspiring. This initiative resonates deeply with our commitment to innovation and community development."


Hosting this transformative project underscores Palestine Technopark's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community development. By facilitating initiatives that align with environmentally responsible practices, the technopark reiterates its dedication to driving positive change within Palestine's economic landscape.