Bank of Palestine and Palestine Technopark Join Hands to Foster Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Palestine

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In a significant step towards supporting the innovation landscape in Palestine, the Bank of Palestine, along with its Intersect incubator, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Technopark—a Palestinian-Indian technology park. The partnership aims to bolster Technopark's role as a comprehensive innovation center in Palestine while harnessing the resources and capabilities of the Bank of Palestine, including its leading arm, the Entrepreneurship Incubator.


The memorandum outlines several key initiatives aimed at providing opportunities for innovators both within Palestine and abroad. One of the main objectives is to create an innovation incubator environment that fosters collaboration and networking among innovators, startups, investors, economic institutions, business development service providers, and academia. Through joint and integrated initiatives, the partnership seeks to encourage the design and implementation of sustainable ideas and projects, while also promoting and supporting women's leadership in startups.


The Bank of Palestine pledges to contribute by leveraging its vast resources, wide network of relationships, and partnerships. It will facilitate communication and networking with local and international investors and venture capital funds, ensuring the achievement of the collaboration's goals. The bank's involvement aims to provide broader horizons for Palestinian innovators and entrepreneurs, enabling them to develop creative ideas that address societal needs and tap into global markets. This, in turn, will contribute to tackling the growing issue of unemployment among graduates and youth and showcasing Palestinian innovations to the world.


Intersect, on the other hand, will provide incubation programs for projects, financial services for business development, access to financing and investors, networking opportunities, and communication channels with Palestinians in the diaspora and international institutions. Additionally, Intersect will expand its Startups-in-Residence program to include Technopark facilities, further nurturing the growth of startups.


Technopark, known for its advanced facilities, will play a crucial role in this collaboration, enhancing communication and networking opportunities, providing appropriate employment prospects, organizing events, and designing programs. The technology park will also work closely with Birzeit University, benefiting from research expertise, specialized laboratories, and various programs offered by the university.


Expressing his pride in the collaboration, Mr. Hashem Shawa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank of Palestine Group, emphasized the bank's commitment to supporting leadership and innovation while reinforcing Palestine's pioneering presence on the global stage. He underscored the importance of encouraging Palestinian female innovators to actively participate in driving innovation and leadership.


Dr. Bishara Domani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Technopark, highlighted the active and committed role of Bank of Palestine in supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in Palestine. The collaboration aims to advance the innovation environment, encourage pioneering creativity, and motivate Palestinian youth to innovate and establish their startup companies. Dr. Domani expressed Technopark's commitment to working with the bank to develop the skills of young men and women, supporting their ideas, projects, and connections with investors and academic circles.


The memorandum of understanding also envisions providing support services to emerging, small, and medium-sized companies led by Palestinians in the diaspora seeking to expand their operations in Palestine. It aims to facilitate access to financing and counseling services, encouraging the involvement of international venture capital funds and accelerators to build an inclusive innovation environment for startups.


This partnership marks a significant milestone in the journey of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in Palestine. By combining their strengths and expertise, the Bank of Palestine and Technopark are set to unleash the potential of Palestinian innovators and entrepreneurs, driving sustainable growth and prosperity in the region.


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