Speeder: Igniting Innovation and Empowering Entrepreneurs in Palestine

The Speeder project, led by Palestine Technopark in partnership with Ovation, is an exciting initiative funded by the European Union in collaboration with SPARK. It aims to ignite the innovation ecosystem in Palestine by promoting digital, tech, green, and social entrepreneurship. 

The Speeder project has a clear vision of integrating technology to serve the environment and empower entrepreneurs. To achieve its ambitious goals, the project consortium has developed a comprehensive strategy that encompasses several key components. 

Firstly, the project focuses on raising awareness about the usage and utilization of technologies in sectors such as agritech, cleantech, eco-tourism, and the circular economy. By disseminating knowledge and showcasing success stories, the Speeder project aims to inspire individuals and communities to embrace technology-driven solutions in these areas.

Secondly, the project aims to establish a network of coaches who will play a crucial role in supporting and mentoring entrepreneurs. These coaches are selected based on their experience and qualifications in the field and undergo a capacity-building stage through an international Train-the-Trainer (ToT) program. This training equips them with the necessary skills to guide startups and scale-ups, enabling them to overcome challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

Moreover, the Speeder project places significant emphasis on developing and scaling innovative businesses. It provides a worldwide acceleration program for startups, scale-ups, and entrepreneurs, offering them the necessary resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities. By connecting startups with regional and international investors, the project enhances their competitiveness and helps expand their market reach.

The project's methodology is designed to achieve these goals effectively. It begins by targeting coaches, selecting individuals with expertise and passion for entrepreneurship. These coaches undergo a capacity-building stage through the international ToT program, empowering them to provide valuable guidance and mentorship to entrepreneurs.

Speeder Training of Trainers (ToT) Track:

  • Selection: Experienced and qualified coaches are carefully selected to participate in the Speeder ToT track.
  • Capacity Building: Coaches undergo an intensive capacity-building stage, facilitated through an international ToT program. This program equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively mentor and guide entrepreneurs.
  • Expertise Enhancement: Coaches receive specialized training in various aspects of entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology, ensuring they possess the expertise to provide valuable guidance to startups.
  • Networking: Coaches have the opportunity to network with other professionals, sharing insights and best practices, which further enriches their coaching abilities.
  • Mentorship: Coaches play a pivotal role in providing one-on-one mentorship and support to entrepreneurs throughout the Speeder project.

Simultaneously, the Speeder project identifies and supports entrepreneurs, particularly young females, from various community segments and geographical locations throughout the West Bank. These entrepreneurs exhibit a strong affinity for entrepreneurship and possess innovative ideas in the sectors of ecotourism, agritech, circular economy, and cleantech. 

Speeder Acceleration Program Track:

  • Identification: Entrepreneurs, particularly young females with innovative ideas in ecotourism, agritech, circular economy, and cleantech sectors, are identified and selected for the Speeder Acceleration Program track.
  • Incubation: Selected startups undergo a comprehensive incubation program designed to refine their business models, strengthen their operations, and enhance their market readiness.
  • Training and Workshops: Startups participate in targeted training sessions and workshops, focusing on key areas such as market analysis, product development, financial management, marketing, and pitching skills.
  • International Exposure: Through the Speeder project, startups gain exposure to regional and international markets, connecting with potential investors, partners, and customers. This exposure helps them expand their market reach and enhance their competitiveness.
  • Pitching Events: Startups have the opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas and business models in pitching events, where they can attract investment and secure partnerships.
  • Follow-up Support: Even after the acceleration program concludes, startups receive ongoing support and guidance from the coaches and mentors, ensuring continued growth and success.
  • Throughout the project, startups and entrepreneurs benefit from a range of activities and support mechanisms. They participate in training sessions, workshops, and mentoring programs tailored to enhance their business acumen, market analysis, product development, financial management, marketing, and pitching skills.

The culmination of the Speeder project involves exposure events, where startups have the opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas to investors and explore regional and international markets. This exposure not only helps them secure potential funding and partnerships but also further develops and scales their ideas.

 By incorporating both the Speeder ToT track and the Speeder Acceleration Program track, the Speeder project aims to create a holistic ecosystem that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable growth in Palestine.

 Supported by the European Union, SPARK, Palestine Technopark, and Ovation, the Speeder project is poised to make a significant impact on driving the innovation ecosystem in Palestine forward. By leveraging technology, fostering entrepreneurship, and promoting sustainable practices, the project aims to create a vibrant and thriving innovation landscape in Palestine.

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