Ecoseed Awareness and Challenge Day: Promoting Green Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Solutions

The Ecoseed Awareness and Challenge Day was a huge success, with participants showcasing their innovative green business ideas and competing for cash prizes and incubation opportunities. The event was a joint effort between Bank of Palestine, Palestine Techno Park, Intersect Innovation Hub, Global Communities, and SHIAM and Spark, with support from the EU.

The event was not just limited to entrepreneurs and students; it had an Awareness track for those interested in learning more about sustainability and circular economy. The participants gained practical knowledge about environmental sustainability, ecotourism, techno-agriculture, and much more. The event was packed with inspiring discussions, great ideas, and exciting opportunities.

The winners of the Ecoseed Challenge were announced, with Furange taking the first prize. The project was about creating sustainable fabric using orange peels, promoting a circular economy and reducing waste. The second prize was shared by RPW and Shatlh, who presented innovative ideas that promote sustainable practices. RPW designed a solar-powered robot specifically for palm tree farms to detect and treat palm tree AIDS at an early stage, while Shatlh is reducing plastic waste by recycling it into filaments for 3D printing eco-friendly, customizable pots. The third prize was shared by Yaqoot, Free Wind Turbine, and Green Rock, who presented innovative solutions to promote sustainable farming, electricity generation, and waste management, respectively.

The participants in the challenge received coaching from Dr. Samah Abu Assab and four coaches from the Speeder program, who provided support and expertise. The event was an opportunity for green startups and initiatives to promote sustainable practices and drive positive change. It demonstrated the power of innovation and entrepreneurship in tackling environmental challenges and creating a more sustainable future.

At Palestine Techno Park, we believe in the power of innovation and entrepreneurship to tackle the pressing environmental challenges facing our world. We are committed to supporting green startups and initiatives that promote sustainable practices and drive positive change. We invite everyone to join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future by supporting and empowering green startups. Together, we can make a difference and build a better world for generations to come.