Palestine Techno Park Launches The Artificial Intelligence Week

In partnership with EUMMENA, sponsored by the Palestine Investment Fund, PTP implemented Artificial Intelligence Week comprising of a series of events such as bootcamps, hackathons, and talks aimed at raising awareness about ArtificialIntelligence (AI) and the local universities’ programs on AI.The project targeted AI developers, AI hackers, AI start-ups, and other groups that have shown interest in AI, and hosted international experts in various domains within AI to deliver hands-on training and workshops.

The awareness workshops to educate students and entrepreneurs were fruitful with a significant number of applicants showing interest to participate. The recruitment team received over 80 applicants and selected 20 to take part. The activities that were carried out included hands-on sessions for agile & lean startup principles, MVP development, data science and analytics, python essentials, training in classification & regression models and metrics, along with a guide to accessing data from multiple sources.

The event built the capacity of students and experts following the applications and the knowledge they had received during the AI Week, guided teams with AI ideas, while enabling innovation in Palestine and commercializing AI startups. Three winning teams were announced, and later on, given certificates of participation