PTP hosts IEEE Pioneers 2.0 Competition: Supporting Palestinian Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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The Palestine Technopark recently hosted the 2022 IEEE Pioneers event, organized by the IEEE Palestine sub-section, Young Professional Affinity group, and student branches of the Society of IEEE from universities in Palestine. The competition aimed to support entrepreneurial ideas that solve societal problems in a technological way.

The competition attracted 17 teams from 7 different universities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, representing the first time that Palestinians from both regions could participate in an inclusive competition. The final stage saw the teams compete with their unique and innovative projects, with only three teams emerging as winners.

The winners of the IEEE Pioneers 2.0 competition will represent Palestine in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe's largest entrepreneurship competition. This event provides a platform for Palestinian entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative solutions and contribute to the country's sustainable development.

The Palestine Technopark is proud to have hosted this important event, which supports the development of entrepreneurial ideas and technology-driven solutions to societal problems in Palestine. The competition serves as a testament to the talented and innovative minds in Palestine and the commitment to supporting their growth and success.


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