Partnership for Progress: Palestine Technopark and Palestinian Syndicate of Informatics Technological Sciences Sign Cooperation Agreement

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In a move to boost the Palestinian economy and advance the field of informatics and technology, Palestine Technopark and the Palestinian Syndicate of Informatics Technological Sciences have signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement, signed on January 23rd, aims to strategically merge the capabilities of the two organizations to enhance national benefit.

As part of the agreement, the two organizations will work together to network and promote cooperation with university students, specialists, trainees and entrepreneurs in order to utilize information technology and innovation to drive economic growth. They will also consult and cooperate in developing and advancing the work of both institutions in a way that aligns with their individual needs and does not contradict their visions and objectives.

By bringing together the expertise and resources of both organizations, we are confident that we can achieve our goal of driving economic growth and advancing the field of informatics and technology. This cooperation agreement is a major step forward for the Palestinian economy.

The Palestinian Syndicate of Informatics Technological Sciences, a non-profit national professional trade union organization, is dedicated to advancing the field of informatics and information and communication technology in Palestine. The organization prioritizes the status of their employees and embraces a national vision to improve the material and legal status of workers in the IT sector within the framework of laws and professional norms. Additionally, the organization aims to enhance the role of technological informatics in public and official life and the Palestinian economy.

The agreement is expected to provide a significant boost to the Palestinian economy and create opportunities for the country's young entrepreneurs and professionals to excel in the field of technology.


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