Kangaroo Incubation Program

What is Kanagraoo Incubation Program?

The Kangaroo Incubation Program is a dynamic, year-long initiative crafted to foster and empower entrepreneurs with pioneering concepts. Our program crafts personalized roadmaps for each startup, furnishing crucial support and resources to expedite their journey towards growth and triumph. Rooted in technology and innovation, our mission is to cultivate an ecosystem where your venture flourishes, achieving noteworthy strides within a condensed timeframe.

What are the benefits of  Kanagraoo Incubation Program?

As a participant in the program, you'll benefit from a range of exceptional features and services provided by the Palestine India Technopark, including:

  1. Customized Office Space: Our program offers a creative office space that can accommodate up to four members of your team. This space is designed to foster collaboration, creativity, and productivity, providing a conducive environment for your startup to flourish.
  2. Strategic Mentoring: You'll have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one mentoring sessions with experienced professionals and industry experts. These strategic mentorship sessions will provide guidance, insights, and valuable advice to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of growing your business.
  3. Extensive Network: We have established a vast network of partner entities, mentors, and investors who are committed to supporting and investing in startups like yours. Through our network, you'll have access to potential investors, industry experts, and valuable connections that can open doors to new opportunities and partnerships.
  4. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Being hosted at the Palestine India Technopark grants you access to cutting-edge facilities and services. From innovation labs equipped with the latest technology and equipment to meeting rooms and conference venues with advanced audio-visual capabilities, you'll have everything you need to fuel your startup's growth.
  5. Additional Perks: Our program includes a range of additional perks and benefits to support your startup's development. These may include break rooms with comfortable seating, outdoor spaces with scenic views, a cafeteria offering healthy food options, utilities, high-speed internet, cleaning services, security surveillance, printing services, and access to networking events and workshops with industry experts.

What are the requirements for becoming a member of the Kangaroo Incubation Program?

To qualify for the Kangaroo Incubation Program, your startup should meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • A technology startup that has experienced rapid growth in the past two years and has a need to scale up.
  • The company should be registered at the Ministry of Economy or committed to registering within the first three months of the program.
  • The company must have a revenue-generating model and be product-ready.
  • The company should be in the development and commercialization stage.
  • The company should have a minimum of two employees.

When do applications open for the Kangaroo Incubation Program?
Applications open at the beginning of each year and in the middle of the year.

By participating in the Kangaroo Incubation Program, you'll not only gain access to top-notch facilities and services but also become part of a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs, experts, and investors. This community-driven environment offers countless opportunities for collaboration, learning, and growth. Join us on this transformative journey, and together, we'll propel your startup to new heights of success.

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