Boston College Students Visit Palestine Technopark: A Fun-Filled Learning Experience!

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Boston College students were given a glimpse into the world of technology in Palestine, as they visited Palestine Technopark for an informative and enlightening tour. The visit was an opportunity for the students to learn about the programs, goals, and vision of Palestine Technopark, as well as the challenges and opportunities facing the technology sector in Palestine.

During the visit, the delegation was treated to a talk from two leading figures in the Palestinian technology industry. Shatha Ajaj, Founder of Modesta, shared her personal experiences and the vision behind her company. Huda Eljack, Program Manager of the TAP Career program, also joined the delegation, providing valuable insights into the program and how it supports the development of the tech industry in Palestine.

The delegation was highly engaged throughout the visit, asking thoughtful questions about Palestine Technopark's programs and the technology industry in Palestine. Palestine Technopark hopes to continue fostering these types of educational and collaborative relationships in the future.


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