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Innovation is all about a good atmosphere!


Visit us at the Beehive Co-Working Space at Palestine India Technopark to check out our innovative atmosphere!




At Beehive, we offer:

  • Private Meeting Rooms
  • Free Parking and Receptionist services.
  • Open 24 hours /  7 days a week.
  • 24 hours Security
  • Cafeteria (offers free soft drinks)
  • Printing Services
  • High-Speed Internet 

Why Beehive:

  • Close to Birzeit University
  • Away from city noises but still not that far from Ramallah, the city has accessible transportation due to the university cars.

Additional Features:

  • Professional Facilities: Innovation labs (Fab Lab, Digital Art Lab, EdTech Hub), Meeting rooms, conference venue space, Theater and Seminar room.
  • Techno Park partners (Projects, networking, consulting services, workshops, etc.)
  • Capacity: maximum of 30 entrepreneurs in the working space

Target Group:

  • Students 
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Software developers
  • Remote workers 
  • Freelancers

Capacity: 30 Seats

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