Mentoring Session in Content Development for "Kangaroo" startups

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The entrepreneurs in our Kangaroo Business Incubation program strive to build innovative solutions and play a critical part in improving the tech sector


We believe that every great idea requires experience, insight and expertise to put into action. However, many early-stage startups have limited knowledge in crucial areas, which prevents them from growing their business, refining their value propositions, and finding opportunities for collaboration, market access and funding. We at Palestine Technopark are aware of this!


Therefore, that’s where we rely on our mentors’ expertise for guidance and support of businesses. We provide our startups with the best available mentorship on different topics. Last week, a full day of mentorships sessions was held with our startups with Bassem Mayala, a content Developer for Interactive Audiovisual Experiences.


Through mentorships, we provide an avenue for open discussions, effective learning and building genuine relationships to help entrepreneurs grow their startups into prosperous businesses.


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