Awareness Session in CleanTech at Birzeit University

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On  May 11, 2022, we conducted the second Awareness workshop at Birzeit University with the attendance of 40 students interested in CleanTech. During the workshop, we presented the CleanTech project in Palestine, encouraged students with ideas in CleanTech to apply for the competition, and answered their questions. Additionally, Saad Jaradat, from Eco-Bricks, the first winner in the first round of the CleanTech competition, delivered a speech about his start-ups and answered the students' questions about entrepreneurship and choosing to go for a start-up path. 

With the supervision of  UNIDO, to support entrepreneurs in every step to build successful Palestinian cleantech businesses. Through the CleanTech project, and to continue the goals of the first version of the competition, we have implemented different activities to target students from all over Palestinian universities. We chose to start with an awareness session with students from Birzeit University. 


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