Six startups joined "Kangaroo", our Incubation Program

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To ensure that our entrepreneurs get the help they need in the early stages of their startups, to provide them with management and mentoring, access to market resources, networking opportunities and business skills training. Thus, we brought "Kangaroo". It is a one-year incubation program that fosters and invests in entrepreneurs with cutting-edge ideas.

 After carefully selecting startup applications and interviewing, Palestine Technopark was happy to announce that the "Kangaroo" incubation program will be a starting point for many startups to follow their passion, achieve their dreams, and run their business. We signed an incubation agreement with three startups with big potential, like CanAr, Azr Technologies, and Astropalco. 

Our chosen startups will be provided with a customised roadmap for each startup, which includes one-on-one strategic mentoring sessions, a creative office that fits up to 4 members, a multitude of perks, business-focused sessions, and directly support our startups through an expansive network of partner entities, mentors and investors. In a short period, we create a technology environment that allows your company to grow tremendously.


Meet "Kangaroo" startups.


  • CanAR: 




CanAR is an emerging company founded by Birzeit University students. By using an application on mobile, it aims to break the deadlock in the educational process and provide the student with a distinctive interactive educational process through the use of augmented reality (AR) technology, which allows the student to interact with the educational curriculum completely and smoothly, under the slogan " to be the pioneers in providing this feature for education in the country. 



  • Azr Technologies :



Azr Technologies is one of the IT system integration, professional service and software development startups in Palestine that works with enterprise systems and companies. As a privately owned company, Azr Technologies provides IT Consultancy, software design and

development as well as professional services and hardware development and maintenance to the following verticals:

● Government.

● Incubators and Accelerators.

● Energy and Utilities.

● Health Care.

● Education.

Azr Technologies focused on developing patentable game-changing products with businesses across the globe. Starting from business strategies dictated by research and innovation, we cover the full spectrum of product development from concept to production. Azr has designed and developed more than 20 projects at various stages of prototyping, tooling, production or commercialization. Some of the industry segments we are actively working are Medical Devices, Telecom, Wearables, Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, etc.


  • Astropal:


Astropalc is a startup specialising in astronomical tourism through technology, which was established in Palestine in 2022 by a group of Palestinian entrepreneurs. The company is concerned with promoting astronomical tourism to the sky of Palestine through A digital application to organise astronomical trips, network with tourists, and produce materials that mimic the map of the sky of Palestine and promote it through technology VR (reality virtual).

 To develop astronomical tourism for Palestine locally and globally, the Astropalco team is working on Investing in modern technology means to simulate the existing map of the sky and what it contains celestial bodies and astronomical phenomena in the world of Palestine and its publication to contribute to the development and dissemination of the astronomical tourism sector. The company seeks to provide an incubating environment for the creative ideas of science and astronomy. Providing all the specialised advisory services to the authorities concerned attracts tourists from abroad and directs them to marginalised and targeted areas, especially in areas classified as C.


  •   Leaptopeak: 


Leap to Peak team believes that experiences can awaken spirits and incite change. They seek to offer adventures that elevate people's minds, bodies, and spirits by connecting individuals to local cultural experiences and nature-immersive retreats. There is plenty to see and do in this vast world, but not many get to experience places through the lens of locals, uncover their talents, and let nature speak for itself.

 Leap To Peak was born out of an idea to connect Palestinians to the land, each other, and ultimately with themselves. What started as a yoga and meditation exercise for 30 people in the abandoned village of Sataf in September 2021 has quickly evolved into a community of over 2000 souls, over 40 camping adventures across historical Palestine and venturing outwards to Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus, Finland, Italy, France, and Switzerland. To reach the Peak, you must take a leap of faith. We bring together people willing to get out of their comfort zones and leap into themselves and nature. 


  • PalAR:


Designing augmented reality games in tourist places to promote tourism. To keep pace with recent developments in the context of enabling information and communication technology and employing it within the framework of digitizing the tourism system in tourist cities to reach smart tourist cities by providing modern digital tourism services, the transportation system is one of the most important requirements for the tourist. On the other hand, its importance lies as an economic tributary to the state. 


However, there are multiple challenges facing tourists in terms of locating tourist offices in advance and the possibility of a time delay when requesting a transport vehicle, whether a taxi or a tourist. Therefore, the lack of digital maps and supportive systems for these services is one of the most important challenges for the transition toward smart tourist cities. The research paper aims to highlight the importance of digitizing tourism services to support tourist cities by providing applications that allow the tourist to request a specific service within the site with a focus on enabling the system for positioning services so that the tourist can locate the nearest service he wants and obtain it without delay. Thus, we talk about the importance of planning tourism services systems in sustainable development and their impact on societies on the other hand. Improving the quality of digital services provided within the framework of revitalizing digital tourism.

  • Palestine Gate

Palestine Gate is a Virtual Reality Platform that allows users to teleport to Palestine's historical location using VR Gear virtually; for example, users can select any historical location to visit virtually, and during the visit, they can select a virtual guide with any language they would like or real human guide that can help them in their tour. 


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