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The partnership aims to unify efforts in implementing a specialized training program for the new emerging technologies in certain fields.


The PMA will serve as the Technical arm for the Palestine Monetary Authority to implementing any related technical program in financial technologies solutio.

The partnership aims to unify efforts in implementing a specialized training program for the new emerging technologies in certain fields

The partnership aims to unify efforts in implementing a specialized training program for the new emerging technologies in certain fields. 





Currently, JHF provides capacity building and training activities for computer science graduates and entrepreneurs (technical skills training, mainly in the field of hi-tech and soft skills training), career development activities, business development activities, mentorship,  coaching, and networking along with the implementation of regular community awareness-raising events and workshops. 



PalTech US is formed by the Palestinian diaspora in the US and globally by leveraging its knowledge, skills, networks, and market access towards boosting the Palestinian Tech sector. PalTech US will provide access to knowledge, best practices, and mentoring to help Techno Park achieve the  project’s goal and objectives ​


The partnership's objective is to create a digital art lab specialized in animation and illustration courses in addition to any digital art required, special equipment, capacity building, and technical training. 

This partnership aims to promote knowledge, innovation, and entrepreneurship-based economic development projects in the technology sector in the Palestinian market. 




The Palestine Investment Fund was established in 2003 as an independent investment company aiming to strengthen the local economy through strategic investments while maximizing long-run returns for its ultimate shareholder; the people of Palestine.

UNDP will be extending PTP’s work to Jerusalem and Gaza through their relevant programs.


PTP is building a CleanTech Hub sponsored by the UNIDO under the project, MOUSTADAMA

The partnership's objective is to create the 1st national tech museum




Palestine Techno Park is partnering with Gaza University in Gaza Strip to form Clean Technology innovation hubs in Palestine. 


Palestine Technopark partnering with BWF to introduce women entrepreneurs to the importance of technology and its great role in developing their startups, especially after the economic crisis resulting from the Corona pandemic.





The Holy Land Incoming Tour Operators Association (HLITOA) is a network built by the shareholders of the Palestinian tourism sector. The partnership aims to collaborate in innovation in digital tourism.


The entity will cooperate in implementing and supporting each partner’s activities related to the entrepreneurial ecosystem

PTA implement joint training programs to align with the PTP objectives, as the PTA will offer a pool of trainers and PTP will provide the required facilities for each training program.



Al-Jabal incubator is partnering with Palestine Technopark to open prospects and joint future projects with the aim of enhancing complementarity and impact, which would benefit and develop the Palestinian entrepreneurship environment.

The Arab Hotel Association (AHA) is one of our strategic partner in Phoenix (The Tourism Innovation Hub). AHA is the leading partner in a developing a competitive Palestinian tourism product.

JTC is a nonprofit network that works among the various sectors that are related directly or indirectly to tourism in Jerusalem




The first NGO’s in Partnership with local stakeholders and communities and with international key players in an innovative way

a non-for-profit community-based tourism organization



The partnership aims to unify efforts in implementing a specialized training program for the new emerging technologies in certain fields.  



Social Center Society aim to provide services to the Jerusalemite community within the Old City walls, in addition to improving the social, intellectual and physical reality of youth, children, women and people with special needs in the old city of Jerusalem.



To create high-tech centres to serve the community and bridge the gap between the University and the local community nearby.

(JACCI) is a non-profit organization. The Chamber of Commerce is considered a representative of the business sector in Jerusalem, providing information, services and training to its members




The partnership aims to unify efforts in implementing a specialized training program for the new emerging technologies in certain fields.




The first Non-Profit ICT incubator in Palestine. PICTI provides sustainable channeling between startups, accelerators, and investors at local and international levels, including the Palestinian Diaspora.






To promote sustainable development in the occupied Palestinian territories and the self-reliance of the Palestinian people through greater control over their natural resources. 



An online platform that connects youth with available local and international opportunities.



PITA is the voice of the information, communication, technology and startup companies in Palestine. Our reach is global, and we invite you to connect with our community. Come discover the world of opportunities awaiting you in Palestine today.





The first university business incubator in Palestine since 2005. to foster entrepreneurship and enhance learning, internships, and job creation.


The YWCA of Jerusalem is a membership-based women's organization registered locally as a non-governmental association affiliated through YWCA Palestine with the World YWCA movement, which has a special consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). 

Visit Hebron is a group dedicated to organize tours for local and international groups in the city of Hebron.



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