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The Palestine EdTech Hub, in partnership with Eummena and Palestine Techno Park, presents the Coding for Kids #Bootcamp for all talented students in Palestine who are eager to learn to program. This program introduces students between the ages of 9-14 years to
- Coding basics
- Unplugged coding, tinkering, and making
- Interactive animations and art
- App design (MIT App inventor)
- Game design, testing, and debugging games
- Text-based programming (P5J, Processing, Python)
Language: The training will be in English under the supervision of Arabic speaking trainers
Time: Every Sunday, from 20/2 - 27/3
Location: Palestine Techno Park
Duration: 6 Sessions
Fees: 200$
This training will be given by the trainer: Arjana Blazic
Priority will be given to those who register first

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