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Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest celebration for entrepreneurs which brings ideas to life, drives economic growth, and promotes human welfare. On the sidelines of Global Entrepreneurship Week which is organized by Growth training and development, the activities of the Global Entrepreneurship Week were launched at the premises of the Palestine TechnoPark in the presence of the Minister of Entrepreneurship, different stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and startups.

GITR is the Olympics for Startups; a worldwide competition where startups face off against each other in one-on-one pitching battles in front of judges and a live audience. Since its inception in 2012, Get in the Ring events have spread to 64 countries with over 3,000 participants.

Six startups particpated in Get In The Ring Compition which was held at the Palestine India Technopark during the opening of teh GEW Palestine. 

- #Deebak / Social Studio سوشال ستوديو is an app that is meant to give back to people, by rewarding people for their screen-time ‎and making it easier than anytime else to deal with digital money.‎
- Deelzat - ديلزات tends to humanize eCommerce by presenting its socially integrated Seller Focused ‎Marketplace. Deelzat’s main focus is to offer the end-to-end beyond-sale solution to the social ‎sellers, to be able to independently sell without worrying about the logistics and operations ‎hassle. Along with opening a whole new world of diverse and unique products for buyers.‎
- LogesTechs is a delivery management software that streamlines delivery operations by digitizing ‎and connecting the disparate parts and processes involved in the delivery. LogesTechs delivery ‎management software caters to the needs of express delivery providers that work in parcel ‎delivery, document delivery, or food delivery.‎
- Hakini - حاكيني (“tell me”, in Arabic), is an online therapy platform that uses guidance for self-help ‎intervention and teletherapy to increase accessibility to mental health care in Arabic. Hakini’s ‎website and mobile application remotely connect and match users to therapists providing ‎confidential care. Hakini’s platform guides users to self-help interventions and evidence-based ‎exercises. ‎
- Amal work is a SAAS management solution for the construction industry workforce, we gather real-‎time data (time, location, positioning, and progress) through smartphones then analyze these ‎data to guide the contractor to track their projects' financial health, optimize labor productivity and ‎improve collaboration.‎
- Grow Up in Language - GIL A Learning Platform That Will Immerse You In Language, Culture, and Conversations.‎

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