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Palestine India technopark in partnerhsip with Alquds University and Gaza University has signed an agreemnet with Unido Palestien in Januray 2021  to host the first CleanTech Hubs Palestine.

The main objective of the CleanTech Program from MOUSTADAMA is to help build a dynamic entrepreneurship community in Palestine focused on sustainable energy and clean technology solutions.

Through this project three physical CleanTech Hubs will be established in these targeted areas: East Jerusalem, Gaza Strip, and West Bank. These CleanTech Hubs will be instrumental in promoting clean technology innovation in Palestine by:

  • Identifying and nurturing innovative local clean technologies for renewable energy and energy efficiency in targeted industries
  • Connecting start-ups and innovators with mentors and potential local and international business advisory services and mentorship programs
  • Networking with other national programmes, funds, and initiatives relating to similar technologies

Specifically, participants to the CleanTech Hubs will have access to research and development platforms, networking opportunities with researchers and experts, and access to a library of solutions and latest technologies. Industry clinics will link entrepreneurs with energy experts and testing labs. Training will include business and market skills development and technical education and certification. Finally, the accelerator process will facilitate access to business partners and investors who are key stakeholders in clean technology innovation. Attention will be given to the local context, tailored to Palestinian needs, throughout all facets of the CleanTech Innovation Hubs.

Palestine India  Technopark is currently hosting the West Bank Clean Tech Hub.

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