Palestine Techno Park and Birzeit Municipality Sign an MoU to rehabilitate the street leading to the Palestinian-Indian Techno Park building and its front yard.

On Thursday, September 12th 2009, the Palestine Technology Park, located on the grounds of Birzeit University, represented by its Chairman Dr. Abdul Latif Abu Hajjla signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Municipality of Birzeit, represented by Mayor Ibrahim Saad, to rehabilitate the street leading to the Palestinian-Indian Techno Park building and its front yard.

Dr. Abu Hajla praised the Municipality of Birzeit for providing vigorous logistical support for the implementation of vital projects in the town, whereby promoting the Palestine Techno Park to be an engaging environment for IT companies. The PTP will attract significant investments for the clustering of technologies aimed at diversifying and promoting economic growth based on knowledge, science and technology. In line, the Palestine Techno Park will seek to provide an attractive working environment and infrastructure for foreign and domestic investments, particularly Palestinian investors in this sector.

Dr. Saad AbdelHadi highlighted the municipality's interest in contributing to the development and success of the PTP. The municipality praised the impact the PTP has had on the community surrounding it and promised to utilize resources effectively in order to complete the construction of the road connecting to the Park. Dr. Saad iterated the Municipality’s interest to be at the forefront of development and change to contribute to building a more technologically advanced Palestinian state.

The Palestine Techno Park received a generous donation from the Indian Government for the construction of the first building, the Palestine India Techno Park, and the development of infrastructure works around it including fences, internal roads and road extensions, a wastewater treatment plant and green parks.

The Board of Trustees of Birzeit University has allocated 20 dunums of the land of Birzeit University for the development of this national project, to serve as a central strategic location being rooted in an environment to support academic research, connect with academic institutions across Palestine, provide employment opportunities for students, and make available to Palestinian universities any research undertaken by the Park.