Creative Cluster Campus (CCC)

The Creative Cluster Campus (CCC) was an 18-month initiative whose objectives were to support Palestinian youth in launching new businesses with innovative ideas and technical competency and to assist with the matchmaking of supply and demand of skills in the labor markets. Where 85 participants joined the program, of which 52 of the beneficiaries were females, and the other 33 were males.

The project offered both capacity building activities and an incubation program where the former focused on aspects such as business ideation, development, and pitching undergoing a 27-hour training, and the latter stage offered business development services such as BMC, financial planning and modelling, access to market, sales, and marketing, user journey, and pitching, only for the best remaining six startups, which were then incubated for the first round of seed funding.

The six start-ups that were selected to be incubated were of various sectors solving several issues. One start-up specialized in building an interactive app connecting restaurants and women kitchens with customers. Another start-up created a social publishing platform that aims at changing the negative stereotypes about the Palestinian youth across countries worldwide that they achieve through creating positive, non-political, and fun, visual content that covers life in Palestine. Another start-up founded a device that would bring an extra level of security to cars by requiring fingerprint authentication, thus preventing potential car theft.

Moreover, through the CCC, these six projects were able to advance their operations whether by developing or updating mobile apps, networking with experts and implementing new approaches to further expand, or being exposed to investors.