REVAMP Project

The ReVamp Bootcamp aimed to promote innovation and entrepreneurship by educating youth on new emerging technologies and putting such technologies in practice. In 2018, Palestine Techno Park conducted a three-month bootcamp that focused on AR/VR technologies and their instruction to university students.

Upon the conception of the bootcamp, a VR/AR curriculum was developed that would later be used as training material for the training workshop. The curriculum was extensive and covered topics to include Unity3D Programming, Maya LT Animation & Modelling, Virtual Reality implementation, Augmented Reality implementation, and content development. Dr. Ramzi Hassan, a pioneer and a renowned VR/AR specialist from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences carried out the training workshop.

The training successfully hosted 24 participants that included university students, freelancers and fresh graduates, and entrepreneurs from the various organizations in the private sector, of which the participation was an equal participation of males and females. 

The ReVamp Bootcamp showed a strong attendance by relevant stakeholders and achieved to deliver its objectives to advance knowledge within AR/VR technologies. Upon the completion of the Bootcamp, three participating teams were awarded to take part of Leaders incubation program Fast Forward Accelerator. Moreover, Partners for Sustainable Development pledged to invite and advance 5 projects from the bootcamp.

Overall, the ReVamp Bootcamp witnessed an unprecedented success serving as a central AR/VR platform in Palestine for networking, incubation, and further advancements within the AR/VR sector. It provided a conceptual and technical learning process, facilitated business driven AR/VR ideas and solutions for local and international markets, provided direct employment and incubation for Palestinian talents, while partnered and collaborated with globally renowned AR/VR platforms for knowledge sharing and outsourcing and tapping onto businesses opportunities.

The ReVamp Bootcamp was a joint venture between Palestine Techno Park, Birzeit University, and Leaders Organization and was sponsored by PMDP and DAI.