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ReVamp Hackathon

The PTP organized an AR/VR hackathon event with the aim of linking potential buyers of AR/VR solutions and possibly recruiting trained talent.

On August the 11th & the 12th, 2018 a hackathon took place at Leaders Organization in Ramallah. The hackathon kick started with speeches by guests and organizers of the hackathon namely; Dr. Labib Arafeh, Laith Kassis and Hijazi Natsheh.

The Hackathon started with the remaining 22 participants of the Boot Camp who are further developing their prototypes. They competed in 6 teams with 6 prototypes for the best VR/AR application of the Boot Camp.

5 Additional hackathon participants from various universities and companies attended the hackathon on day one.

Hackathon Guest, Dr. Ramzi Hassan

VR Lab / Norway – Founder & Director

Economic Output Activities

Guest Speakers & Mentors:

Two CEO's from two international VR/AR companies (UK & UAE based companies) were invited to be guest speakers and mentors during the hackathon:


Jason Higgins

Harmony Studios Limited - Managing Director

AliveLab Limi



Hani Abu Ghazaleh

Mental - CEO








In Addition to the two guest speakers who provided technical and conceptual assistance to the hackathon Participants, 6 local mentors were available during the 2 day hackathon making sure that business and technical assistance is provided where needed.




A professional jury (Hani Abu Ghazaleh- Jason Higgins – George Kusa) selected a winning project out of 7 participating projects. The winning team, which had developed a prototype for virtual museum using VR technologies, received 4 virtual headsets (one for each member).

ReVamp Final Prototype Projects attached in this document.




Hack the goals Hackathon

Date: 23/10/2015










Hack The Goals is a worldwide movement of hackathons organized by Enabel, the Belgian development agency. The hackathons enable citizens to discuss, reflect on and identify innovative solutions for real-life problems that help advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Hackathon
At the end the 2-day hackathon, the Hack the Goals teams will present their design concept that accelerates the achievement of the SDGs. The solutions presented should build on digital technologies, and commit to leaving no one behind. The teams will compete with each other and a specialized jury will choose the winning team.



The aim of Enabel’s “Hack the Goals” Initiative is:

 To bring together young Palestinian innovators with different backgrounds during a Development Hackathon to find innovative (digital) solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) challenges related to Enabel’s partner countries’ portfolios.



The challenges
each team had the chance to choose one challenge and work on a digital idea to help solve it:

  • Challenge I: How can we help Palestinians living in remote areas when they are in urgent need of health services?
  • Challenge II: How can we stimulate discussions between Palestinians on societal challenges, so mutual understanding is reinforced and solutions are found together?
  • Challenge III: How can we raise awareness of Palestinians on their civil rights under the rule of law in the different territories?
  • Challenge IV: How can we ensure that municipalities are aware of citizens’ needs in real-time and respond to these?

The deliverables
each team created a digital solution for one of the above-mentioned challenges, and presented it in the following way to the jury:

  • Wireframes and mock-up / sketch of the digital architecture
  • Business canvas
  • User journey
  • Pitch


The teams
14 teams from the West-Bank and Gaza (Gaza Hackathon was implemented by the University College of Applied Sciences – UCAS) have worked relentlessly for two days on creating initiatives that support the SGD Goal 16 “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions” Goal 10 “Reduced Inequalities”, Goal 5 “Gender Equality” and Goal 3 “Good Health and Well-Being”.

They were selected based on their background & motivation provided in the subscription form. Enable adopts a strong co-creation methodology for the hackathon. Therefore, the final composition of the teams will only be defined during the event.

The wining team:

A team composed from Fayez Jabra, Ahmed Bsharat, Suliman Abu-Jaroor, Ahmed Bargouthi, Asma Abed-Alqadeer developed the selected winner initiative “Pocket Doctor” focused on tackling the challenge “How can we help Palestinians living in remote areas when they are in urgent need of health services?” under goal three. Pocket Doctor’s initiative aims to design a digital watch that is connected with a mobile application, remotely linking users with the health services network present in their area of residence, enabling medical services providers to receive health related data in real time, analyzing and responding as appropriate.



The awards
The winning team had the chance to participate in the Hack The Goals event in Belgium, as well as opportunities to fund their idea and develop their project.


Palestine Techno Park and Shiam in collaboration with Global Communities and in partnership with Bank of Palestine has successfully completed a two-day Hackathon funded by the Belgium Development Agency – Enabel.

The initiatives presented at the end of Hack the Goals event were all worthy for further support and development and the judging panel found it difficult to select one winner. As such, all partner organizations expressed their commitment to employ their resources and networks to advance the initiatives of the young participants and help them turn their ideas into reality.





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