Call for researchers at our Palestinian Universities: Request for Proposals (RFP) - Cleaning products and marble stones sector challenges solutions.

Palestine Technopark, committed to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the Palestinian territories, is proud to announce a collaboration with the Tasdeer program. This exciting initiative aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry by connecting Palestinian businesses with the expertise of our esteemed West Bank universities.

The Opportunity:

Palestinian businesses face a variety of challenges – production, managerial, marketing, technical, and operational. Through this program, Technopark will facilitate collaboration between businesses and university professors and researchers. These experts will provide solutions based on research, ensuring a sustainable and commercially viable approach. The project will be documented for the first six months, creating valuable insights for future endeavors.

Key Objectives:

  1. Identify and tackle production, managerial, marketing, technical, and operational hurdles hindering Palestinian businesses.

  2. Foster collaboration between businesses and academic institutions to promote innovation and sustainable development.

  3. Document the intervention process over the first 6 months of implementation to track progress and impact.

Calling All West Bank Universities: 

Are you a university in the West Bank with a team of passionate researchers and professors eager to contribute to the success of Palestinian businesses? We encourage you to apply! . The RFP delineates the submission guidelines, deadlines, and requisite documentation necessary to participate in this esteemed initiative. The required documentation can be found in the RFP documents below. 

Deadline for Questions:

To ensure clarity and fairness in the proposal process, inquiries regarding the technical or administrative requirements of this RFP must be submitted no later than 05:00 pm, (30/04/2024) (Ramallah local Time). Please note that questions must be submitted in writing via email to [email protected]; phone calls will not be accepted.

Process for Questions:

All submitted questions and requests for clarification, along with the corresponding responses deemed relevant by Cowater, will be disseminated to all RFP recipients who have expressed interest in bidding. This practice fosters transparency and ensures that all prospective offerors have access to the same information, thereby promoting fairness and equal opportunity.

Contact Information:

For inquiries or clarifications pertaining to the RFP, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated procurement team at [email protected] or via phone at +972569881808. We stand ready to provide assistance and guidance throughout the application process.

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