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Creative Cluster Campus project

The PTP has facilitated for the creation of new Startups as part of the Creative Cluster Campus (CCC) project funded by the Islamic Development Bank, supervised by UNDP. There were two main streams as part of the implementation: Startup Incubation and Kangaroo Spin-Offs.

  1. Startup Incubation:

This stream has supported the following startups:  BirHakaya, Cerati and Biometric Car Alarm Security.

     2.Kangaroo Spin-off mechanisms:

By providing support to the following projects; Automated Seeding Machine, Wajabat and Bedi Taxi.

This project helped in:

  • Providing Seed Funding: 100$K US were available as seed funding for the selected startups.
  • Providing Essential Technical Assistance, which includes: 5 Mentoring Services including marketing and sales. 4 Mentors were Engaged over 80 Days of Mentoring.
  • Clustering of Startups
  • A sample of the clustering of technology Startup was evident in the cooperation between Wajabat and Bedi Taxi to develop a new spin-off for delivery.


This project aimed to:

  • Support Palestinian youth, aiming to launch new technology startups in the creative cluster Industry, with innovative ideas and technical competency skills.
  • Matchmaking of employment opportunities with graduates
  • Highlighting the comparative advantage of Palestine’s entrepreneurs.
  • Developing Entrepreneurship and Startup Factory
  • Matchmaking of market opportunities with employment and entrepreneurship
  • Ensuring sustainability through enhancing access to finance and markets.

Target Segment:

  • Unemployed Youth with Innovative Ideas who want to launch a new startup
  • University graduates from Birzeit University and others living in the West Bank graduating from other universities
  • Young startups who are growing and want to hire additional resources
  • Existing businesses that want to launch a new service or product (preferably as a spin off) to meet market demand and need to link with a new startup or to employ youth in the creative cluster to develop this new product / service in support of innovation
  • Business Service Providers: Research and Development, Business Service Providers, Technical Assistance, Product Development, Marketing, Business Linkages, Pitching to Investors and Accessing Financing

6 projects were incubated: Bedi Taxi, Wajbaat, BirHakaya, Cerati, ATSM and BICAS, as you can read more about them from here.

The below infographic summarizes the results of the CCC Project: PTP seed funded six Startups. Some were able to generate revenue, one is an example of a technology transfer model, and the third is a new spin-off between two Startups.




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