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ReVamp Boot camp

BOOT CAMP: (Pilot Boot camp)

The VR/AR approach and methodology was developed for the Techno Park in February 2018 to introduce VR/AR technologies in Palestine by planning an integrated boot camp to train Palestinian students, fresh graduates and entrepreneurs on the basics of these Technologies.

In April 2018 PMDP was approached to provide a fund for the project which was eventually approved on May 15th 2018. Birzeit University was approached to provide the training lab. On June 21st a ReVamp VR/AR Curriculum was developed. The final version of this curriculum contained 95 pages covering the following essential topics:

  • Unity3D Programming
  • Maya LT Animation & Modeling
  • Virtual Reality Implementation
  • Augmented Reality Implementation
  • Content Development

On the 23rd of June, 2018 the pilot project of the VR/AR Boot Camp  in collaboration with Birzeit University started with 24 (out of 44 applicants) students, fresh graduates and entrepreneurs. The group had a 100% gender representation (12 females and 12 males). It consisted of:

  • Private sector and organizations
  • 3 Freelancers and Fresh Graduates
  • 17 University Students




On 4th of August 2018, the training was completed. The training proceeded as follows:

  • 108 hours of training in Unity3D programming, Maya LT 3D Modeling and Content Development.
  • 42 hours of practical implementation of the knowledge gained from the training into market-oriented prototypes using Virtual and Augmented Reality.
  • During these sessions the 24 participants were divided into 6 groups of 4 members to encourage team work and specialism while working on the projects.





 Since the start of the project, various online orders have been placed on Amazon.com for 18 items out of the original 19 items that were budgeted. As of the 9th of August, 2018, at least 15 items have been delivered through Amazon.com or bought locally. 2 are still to be delivered and 2 have to be approved by PMDP to be bought locally.



Blockchain Boot camp

About the Blockchain Bootcamp

This Bootcamp was targeting mixed audience who would like to develop their technical skills on Blockchain to develop new applications and to enable developers, entrepreneurs and Startups to start using this technology

  • Government Employees interested in Block chain with software development skills
  • Entrepreneurs with software development skills
  • Computer Science graduates and students
  • Employees in the Banking, Financial and Insurance Industry
  • University Professors, Researchers, Engineering, Management and IT Employees / Students
  • Employees as Software / Applications Architects and Developers, Security, Administrators
  • Business Operations Employees
  • Venture Capitalists, Angel & Seed Investors
  • Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts with software development skills


  • Potential to get hired e.g. freelance, employee or start your own Block chain tech start-up
  • Acquire detailed understanding of Block chain & how it works
  • Practice newly acquired knowledge and skills in developing Block chain projects
  • Discussing some use cases where the Block chain is applicable.
  • Learn how Initial Coin Offering, Block chain as a Service, Ethereum Smart Contracts, Solidity, Cryptocurrency work


  • Basic knowledge of Computer Science, Software Development Language
  • Awareness of Block chain business models and different applications
  • Must be motivated enough to learn Block chain
  • Bring your own laptop

Recommended Experience

  • No particular experience required for attending this boot camp

Block chain Boot camp Description

The Block chain Boot camp is a professional exhaustive training and lab based program in Blockchain for who wants to

  • Understand and knows deeply what is Block chain and how Block chain works from a vendor-neutral perspective
  • Uses the acquired knowledge to build Block chain-based applications for government, enterprises and businesses applications.



Block chain Boot camp covered the following topics:

  • Introduction to Block chain Technology: When to Use and Benefits
  • Crypto Currencies vs. Block chain
  • Private vs Public Block chain
  • Block chain Networks Design
  • Sample Block chain Transaction Execution and Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Block chain Consensus
  • Block chain Mining
  • Block chain Technologies: Ethereum, MultiChain, Hyperledger, Stratis
  • Use Cases
  • Block chain as a Service – BaaS
  • Ethereum

Cryptocurrency Payment

Prior to the launching the boot camp he PTP has conducted awareness workshop on Blockchain and FinTech.



Title: Introduction to Block chain (workshop)

By: Laila Abu Nimreh and Saed Mousa
more than 25 people attend the workshop



In addition to “Smart Talks Series – Block chain”. Which were held at Birzeit University and An-najah University.

Palestine Techno Park aims to introduce the Palestinian Youth to the Emerging Technologies, and the Blockchain is one these technologies.  

Dates and Venues

Announcing the Smart Talks:

The first event took place on the 27th of August 2018, at Birzeit University and was attended by guests from Al Quds and Polytechnic universities.

The second Smart Talks event was on 29th of August 2018 at An-najah University as was attended by guests from the Arab American University Jenin.

Smart Talks series:

1st session was at Birzeit University on 28th of August 2018

2nd session was at An-najah University Day 29th of August 201

These two sessions were also used to promote the Block chain Boot camp that was planned to take place at the Ramallah’s Chamber of Commerce between the 2nd – 6th of September with advanced topics.

Photos and live views are shared here.


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