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 IoT, AR/VR, Robotics + 3D Printing, Renewable Energy, FinTech and Satellite Tech

What are the Innovation Labs about?

  • It is a dynamic, hands-on workshop to inspire creativity when designing new products and services.
  • It is about solving for societal and economic needs,
  • It is about practicing Product and Service Design – in the context of the overlap of the physical and digital worlds.
  • It is about attempts at commercializing newly developed minimum viable products

How to develop a new perspective on Innovation by mapping out the business and technology landscape.

  • By interviewing experts and thought leaders.
  • By identifying Palestinian talent working in these new tech domains and talking to them.
  • By exposing more talent to new technologies and labs.
  • by organizing workshops, hackathons, competitions, internships and identifying gaps and opportunities
  • By inviting multinationals to establish labs. In addition, take presence in Palestine                                                 
  • by linking with global value chains
  • The teams combine people with different backgrounds:






  • Work together, using insights, tools and frameworks to design and develop an enabled concept (product, service, business model)
  • Collaborate and move forward: Pitch to highlight final concepts.

Why the Innovation Labs

  • Educate and train youth on new technology platform – foundational learning
  • Start with people, and then technology that is still young in the market
  • Enables youth to do new things with technology – experiential learning
  • Allows private sector to do new spin-offs
  • Identify unmet societal and economic needs linking with projects
  • Allows for collaboration through incubation and acceleration – expert resourcing
  • Integrate with local and global value chains to access finance and markets

The PTP believes that emerging technology will lead to creating new jobs. The intention is to leapfrog and start working for Palestine not to lag behind in emerging technology adoption and commercialization. Furthermore, there is limited clustering of technologies in many technology verticals / segments and there is limited integration with global value chains in the technology (not just information and communications technology) sector. Likewise, academics and private sector are not exposed to new technologies in a practical way and rely on theoretical teaching. The PTP has also noticed the unavailability of design and innovation labs that are accessible to academics, private sector, entrepreneurs and civil society alike.


The PTP believes, with a futuristic outlook, that there is a market opportunity to be able to be the first market mover in selling innovative products in these vertical technologies to Arab speaking markets and outsourcing to international markets to reach Arabic speaking markets.

The concept of the Innovation Labs, in different emerging technology segments, present an ideal set up in creating innovation related eco-system revolving around certain technologies.



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