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The Facilities

The building features 7 floors with a total built-up area of 9,500 m2. It is designed to accommodate an ecosystem of spaces that breed innovation through catering for the;

  • combination of social and office production zones
  • varied office space needs for teams/individuals
  • different work modes – focus, collaboration, learning, social, rejuvenation
  • different levels of formality and of privacy
  • Photovoltaic panel to reduce electricity input cost
  • Exceptional open landscape views overlooking historic Palestine and Mediterranean Sea

This is achieved through the creation of collaborative business space on the lower floors (basement, and ground floors) supported by interactive space between co-working space, meeting rooms, storage and server rooms, phone booths, exhibit space, library, game room, cafeteria, seminar room and a health centre (gym, sauna & swimming pool for relaxation).

This is in addition to innovation lab spaces and a variety of flexible shared/open office space on the upper floors to accommodate incubation space and start-ups as well as growing technology companies. The building features distinctive design elements to create communities emphasizing connectivity and showering the building in daylight with an atrium. 

  • The central staircase, connecting the ground floor to the first, forms a large conference and community event space, adjacent to the co-working space as well as exhibits space that can also function as an informal “lounge style” working environment.
  • The double-glazed curtain wall facades and the central atrium provides a high level of transparency between the building, its occupants, and the outdoor surrounding green landscape with exceptional views in the horizon.

The building design also aims to balance between public and private spaces. A mix of shared amenities are provided on every floor, such as the "lounge- style" social hubs equipped with kitchenettes, which help foster the "community of innovation" spirit and the phone booths that provide private transition space to individuals.

Meeting rooms, equipped with video conferencing and audiovisual systems, are spread across the various floors to promote connectivity, whether across the table or across the globe.

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