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Master plan

About the Master Plan

 Our vision for the Master Plan is premised on the driving ambitions of creating a unique landmark for the Techno Park that (is): 

  • Defines a long-term overall framework for the development of the Techno Park while articulating phasing of initial 20,000sqm area for Phase I
  • Displays a physical architecture form that embraces interrelationships, circulation and landscape to create an integrated and synergistic network of research and business environments
  • Landscaping design that creates visual interest where buildings are designed around a central collaborative green open space, multiple smaller green areas, plazas, pocket parks and shared landscaping between buildings
  • Pedestrian pathways and interdisciplinary nodes serving strong connectors between the buildings and green areas
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Utility Infrastructure Networks: Fiber Optic network, Water supply network, Electrical and street lighting network, Storm water network, Wastewater network & wastewater treatment plant
  • Accommodation of a variety of research, business and technology uses, with an approximate total projected built- up areas of 35,000sqm with flexibility in lot size development and building design
  • Parcels within the Master Plan are available for various development opportunities, making the entire area buzzing with business potential
  • The Palestine - India Techno Park building will enjoy a prominent strategic location within the wider Master Plan

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