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Introduction to Blockchain

Introducation to Blockchain  Wrokshop 


You are more than welcom to join us at our workshop this Saturday May 12th at 11:00. This workshop aims to address this new disruptive technology’s basics and fundamentals in an easy, non-technical, heart to heart talk in order to build surface level of understanding about the technology’s possibilities and its wide applications. It will be interactive and more of a discussion to bring the most basic questions and to correct numerous misconceptions and wrong beliefs about this technology, we also want to show its real world uses and how far it went worldwide, and to brainstorm with the audience its use cases in the Palestinian context.


The workshop speakers are Mr.Saeed and Mrs Laila from Birziet University and the workshop will be held at the university itself, Najjad Ze'eni Building, room102.


Saeed  Mousa:
MBA graduate - Birzeit University .Saeed is a sales representative at Medical Supplies and Services (MSS) – one of the Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC) subsidiaries.He got introduced to Bitcoin for the first time in 2016 while surfing the internet, it caught his breaths ever since, he kept reading about it every day and soon He became completely obsessed about the technology’s possibilities and acknowledged its potential to bring change to the world.Saeed read Satoshi’s whitepaper, several books for well-known authors in the space, thousands of articles, and attended many lectures on the blockchain and Bitcoin. He also participate in many forums, telegram channels, blogs that bring rich conversation and debate in the crypto space. 


Laila  Abu Nimreh:
MBA graduate - Birzeit University. The Responsible Pharmacist and Tenders Officer at Medical Supplies and Services - one of the Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC) subsidiaries. Laila heard about Bitcoin during a finance lecture in Birzeit University in 2014, she started readings about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies during 2016.Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper made the subject very interesting to her, she extended her knowledge by reading articles about the subject on daily basis, books for well-known authors and by attending several lectures, awareness session and workshops on the subject.




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