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FinTech Innovation Lab in Palestine - (FinTech Floor)

A Place to Trade Fintech Ideas

The FinTech Floor is  the PTP Fintech Innovation Center- a focal point of access to Fintech technologies for leading international financial players, tech giants and VC’s.

In financial institutions the Trading Floor is the central place for exchanging value. At The Floor, we trade Fintech ideas and offer a bespoke platform for our partners & members to engage, collaborate and grow.

We cooperate with all ecosystem players, working together to solve today's challenges with tomorrow's solutions.


Our vision

To provide our partners & members with real value by nurturing innovation capable of delivering brilliant solutions to the global financial industry while securing Palestine’s position as a prominent Fintech hub in the MENA region.

We believe in the power of open collaboration and the creation of a complete ecosystem that can truly drive the Fintech industry forward.


Our Focus

  • Digital Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Insurance-Tech
  • Digital Payments
  • Compliance
  • Anti-Fraud
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Authentication
  • IoT Solutions for banking
Membership Opportunities

The Floor is an exclusive member club. We constantly seek to connect with leading global financial institutions & disruptive technology companies. Please contact us for new membership opportunities


Our partners represent a diverse group of leading financial institutions & key industry players keen to cooperate with Palestinian Fintech innovators


FinTech Innovation Lab Infrastructure

FinTech Innovation Lab will feature software, hardware, and related devices available for use include:

  • Workstations
  • Software
  • Other production software such as Blockchain tools
  • Other FinTech tools


ReVaMP Innovation Lab Eco-System

The PTP will develop the ReVaMP community (You can Join Us here) targeting the following main stakeholders

  • Innovators, Entrepreneurs in FinTech as well as Advanced Teams
  • Mentors and Technical People
  • Angels and Investors interested in the VR/AR technologies and applications
  • Buyers and Markets for VR/AR applications and solutions


The PTP intend on training youth innovators and facilitate the FinTech physical lab resource to them. Line up financial resources interested to support and investors as well as identify industry and markets interested in FinTech products.

The FinTech Innovation Lab will be open to any university and high-school students, innovators, entrepreneurs, gaming developers and private companies as well as academic researchers.



The PTP will conduct knowledge transfer activities through Trainers and Training Material prior to using the lab targeting the following main stakeholders

  • Individual Innovators, Entrepreneurs in FinTech
  • Employees of Private Sector Companies and Startups
  • Academics and Researchers at Universities

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For Beginners: Students, Entrepreneurs and Researcher

FinTech Lab Open Innovation

The FinTech Innovation Lab Program will include a several activities that includes exploration, ideation and developing, prototyping and linkages to investors or markets as per the below:



MEET peers, mentors, community supporters to help you choose and EXPLORE FinTech entrepreneurship and join training program on developing FinTech applications.

IDEATE + DESIGN + PITCH = Hackathons

IDEATE + DESIGN + PITCH – (DEVELOP) Hackathon Bootcamps

Based on a low maturity of the idea, design and market need, participants can start the process of
deation by participating in design thinking workshops. Build out the Design details of the concept: service and application diagram, who is it for, tech considerations, physical and digital aspects, business model etc. Teams will engage with ReVaMP technical and business mentors during the design. Pitch market-relevant and customer-centered solution that  entrepreneurial teams will develop further


Hackathons: Teams will also be invited to build prototypes through participation in challenges and hackathons, which will be starting points for developing concepts.


For Advanced Teams


Based on a high maturity of the idea, design and market need, entrepreneurs, researchers and companies can start Prototyping the product and service to demonstrate how it works and its value to people.


Advanced teams with readily available prototypes can present their prototype / demo and concept to the rest of the Lab participants, market experts, companies, multinationals, potential buyers

Launch + Grow

For advanced teams and private companies can benefit of the lab infrastructure and eco-system to launch and grown new AR/VR products



The FinTech Innovation Lab is a secure work environment, which is monitored by a PTP security team. Please secure all equipment upon leaving the work area.

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