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About Incubated Startups

Palestine Techno Park is at the final stages of the Kangaroo and Startups progam and below are the Startups which were selcted to be incubated through the Creative Cluster Campus Project. 


Wajbaat is an online portal – application for food online ordering and delivery. Wajbaat inspires food choice by offering users a visual online menu to facilitate the food selection and ordering process. Many restaurants and home based kitchens lack online presence and delivery services; Wajbaat helps these food entities expand their reach and customers. Wajbaat is currently operational in Ramallah with over 140 restaurants and home kitchen on its portal. Home kitchens are receiving increasing attention from Wajbaat, to help support and empower the women managing them and to offer our customers better quality food.  As home kitchens share similar menus, Wajbaat has been working with each kitchen to diversify their menus and include competitive prices. Wajbaat has 14 Home Kitchens and contributes in job placement for around 22 women.

Wajbaat is also offering solution to the delivery service in Ramallah. Thorough it’s works, Wajbaat is currently introducing an optimized delivery system facilitating Wajbaat’s work. The system aims at leveraging drivers based on their location and availability. Once completed such system can create additional jobs for drivers while developing the hardware and software of delivery in Palestine.  

Wajbaat is currently catering the orders of 45 daily customers, Wajbaat aims at receiving 200 orders by the end of 2018. 

You can see Wajabbat website through this link. And you can download the app from here.


  • Ahmad Abu Omar
  • Maher Saleh Hamayel
  • Layal Alawi
  • Ahmad Nayef Rabaya
  • Islam Hasan Shafie
  • Abdel Razeq Al-Omari 




BirHakaya is a virtual space for the Palestinian youth to share their thoughts, experiences and creativity as a means to break stereotypes about Palestinians and provide the factual information. The platform was created by  40 of Birzeit Students and currently expanding to all other universities.
Most of the content coming out of Palestine is negative news, and the world is fed up with such news coming out of Palestine. At BirHakaya, we seek to show the positive side of palestinians’ lives by telling the stories of the great achievers and the beautiful culture we have here. BirHakaya delivers content in Arabic and English, text and visual.
The team consist of members who are trained to produce attractive articles and videos and also to manage social media channels. Therefore, our main revenue stream comes from video production, social media channels management, and content marketing.
Currently, BirHakaya is setting up the studio equipment recently received from the CCC Project. The team recently launched the Ambassador Program as a step towards expanding to all Palestinian universities.

It also have a Facebook page and website for publishing their stories which you can find here. 




  • Lama Amro
  • Anhar Fatouni
  • Khaled Walid Hamoudeh
  • Mahmoud Hasan Abusalameh
  • Maryam Daod Shaheen
  • Mohammad Ibrahim Dar-Mousa
  • Mosadaq Muhannad Kaadan
  • Omar Najdi
  • Tasneem Dar Yousef
  • Wafaa Saleh Bayatna




BedeTaxi, a full management system and cab hailing app for taxis, it started as a graduation project in Birzeit University. The idea was to build an app to allow people to order a nearby taxi. However, the idea has been gone beyond that, Bede Taxi have built a full management system that control and manage taxi companies’ orders, tracks taxis’ locations and speeds and generate reports. Then, bede taxi merged the management system to a cab hailing app that runs in both App store and Google play in order to make the whole operation easier and smarter for both the driver and consumer by inserting the new technology to the process.

It works with the registered and licensed taxis only. The app enables users with no smartphones to order the taxi. Besides,

Bede taxi is now operating in the market besides two similar companies and it is registered in the ministry of economic under the name AzmanTech. BedeTaxi has a market in Ramallah, Birzeit, Jericho, Gaza, Bethlehem and working on expanding in those cities by working with more offices and drivers and expanding in more different cities.    

Here is the link for their Facebook page and you can also download their app from here. 




Serati is a mobile app and website that provides college students and graduates with access to freelancing, temporary and full jobs and tasks. This matches and develops students’ skills and experiences with the ideal and available job vacancies. In addition, it provides various training opportunities, workshops, internships, competitions, events, exhibitions and Motivations. Serati works as a linkage between users and employers that nominates the companies that best suits the students’ interests and qualifications.

Its aims to integrate university students with the external labor market and develops their skills to utilize it to benefit the students and earn supporting income.

About the Business Model side, Serati is going to sign contracts and deal with companies, individuals and different stores in several Palestinian cities, including Ramallah, Bethlehem, Tulkarem, Nablus and Hebron and other nearby areas in order to provide them with the best student workers in various tasks, such as promoting, design, data entry, translating … etc. Through this, Serati can take a commission on each opportunity that provides for employers. In addition, Serati will also work as a publisher, using pay per click advertising model.

Serati’ value lies as it provides work opportunity to students during their university years, where they need a simple work to make some money in addition to gaining experience and developing their skills.

On the other hand, the companies and agencies search for temporary candidates to fill simple immediate tasks that do not need full time employee and finding the suitable person seems time consuming and difficult. Serati works as an effective intermediary between these two parties.





Automatic Tray Seeding Machine The Startup project is an Automatic Tray Seeding Machine that is  locally made and will highly increase the efficiency and productivity of farmers. It is a production line that consists of five stages that takes in an empty seeding tray, fills it with soil after mixing it, compresses each division of the tray, places a seed in each division, covers the tray with fertilizer, waters it, and handles ten trays to the farmer ready for the required habitat.

This machine produces 125,000 seedlings, it targets the Palestinians farmers; since similar machines all need to be imported and have a very high purchasing and installation cost; approximately around $100,000. In addition to the almost non-existent maintenance and upgrading.

The machine substitutes expensive imported one as being more affordable, locally made, the ability of maintenance to be available, and finally yet importantly is the ability of updating it upon the dynamic needs and requirements of the Palestinian market.



  • Rand Musaffer
  • Yousef Alshayeb
  • Tariq Shawahneh
  • Osama Baransi
  • Ameen Mahdi Allan
  • Malik Aref Awad Nawabeet
  • Mohammed Naeem kawazbeh






Biometric Car Alarm Security.This startup produces a small device which adds extra security to cars by adding a finger print authentication step in addition to the car key and the in case of code. The device gives enough time for the car owner to put his finger to a finger print reader in order to disarm the car. In case no finger print is provided or the wrong finger print is provided the system lucks the car and disable the engine. The system works on:
1. Disconnect the power supply from the vehicle's operating system completely to ensure that the vehicle does not work
2. Lock the doors of the car automatically
3.Turn on the car audio alarm
4. Send a text message to the car owner to warn him that there is an attempt to steal tampering attempt in the car.

The value proposition of the device can be concluded as it’s  easy to build and maintain, relatively cheap to build and install, easy to install, has so many features with the ability to add easily extra features, can be customized with different options and features as per to customer request,  adds an extra security step in addition to car alarm and  will have an app to support its features and customization.


  • Mohammad Jaabari
  • Ali Jaabari





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