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Startups and shared offices

The Palestine – India Techno Park building will provide space for an accelerator with shared office space desks and community.  The accelerator with shared office space program is distinct from the co-working and the executive office suites available at the building.

Our shared workspace differs than our co-working in that it will house more established startups and businesses, with more traditional amenities to meet the needs of your clientele. It is similar to co-working, though co-working spaces tend to include more tenants, a broader range of amenities and a stronger emphasis on community and networking.



Our shared office spaces will be focused on having more equipment such as fax machines, copier, audio-visual equipment, as well as professional looking office furniture. It operate as executive suites, with amenities such as reception services, a kitchen, as well as private offices cut off from the rest of the space.

Our shared office spaces such as executive suites are usually leased for a period of 12 months.



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