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Criteria for CCC Project

Criteria for CCC Project



The Palestine Techno Park strives to support the entrepreneurship community within its means of capability. The Creative Cluster Campus project that is supported by Islamic Development Bank (IDB) through UNDP DEEP program and supervised by MOSD provides seed funding as grants and technical support for startups. 

The below is the general guidelines how the Palestine Techno Park and UNDP will be managing the project

Entry Criteria - 

  • Alignment to Tech Entrepreneurship in the Creative Cluster - as published earlier - or diffusing technology in other social or economic sectors
  • Has a team and / or complimentary individual partners - no single individuals will be accepted
  • The idea is feasible and is market driven with sizable market 
  • Novel or cloning - as long as it provides something new to the market local or regional
  • Idea is scalable and profit oriented / minded
  • Coachable team - teams that do not align to program rules and are judged not to be open to coaching do not align with the program entry criteria.
  • Individuals and Teams that are only interested in accessing the grant funding without taking advantage of technical assistance or coaching do not align with the program.

For the Kangaroo Program:

Startup or existing company that qualifies in rolling out a new value proposition / product targeting a new market segment through hiring of recent graduates, freelancers and other professionals who are eligible as per UNDPDEEP specific criteria stated below.


Post Incubation - 

Partnership and Vesting agreement will be required where applicable

Palestine Techno Park and UNDPDEEP can cut off funding based on lack of performance.

Accept technical assistance services


Graduation Criteria - 

  • Based on Mutual agreement
  • Completion of tasks and budget
  • The Palestine Techno Park does not take equity 


UNDPDEEP Specific Criteria

DEEP is mainly an economic empowerment tool for productive poor or marginalized Productive Palestinian families. DEEP started to develop new strategies in targeting youth as a main economic actor in their families and communities at large. In order to align with DEEP’s general policy in targeting the most needy for an opportunity to access services and or finance, the following criteria must be taken for any potential beneficiary from CCC:-

1-      Beneficiaries must be either graduates or in their last year in the university.

2-      Priority is given to the age group between 21-30 years.

3-      Priority is given to beneficiaries with socio-economic difficulties or challenges. (In order to assess this, UNDP will depend on the sheet that applicants need to fill and from MOSD sources).

4-      Priority will be given to applicants with lesser accessibility to services and or finance.



Seed Funding is not to be used to pay for a company as service provider.   

The Palestine Techno Park reserves the right to refuse an application without expressing the reasons.

The Palestine Techno Park has the right to add new rules that will protect its self-interest. The Palestine Techno Park has the right to conduct additional due diligence process on the application beyond the pitching results.


تحتفظ تكنو بارك بحق رفض الطلب دون إبداء أي أسباب. ويحق لتكنو بارك أن تضيف أي  قواعد و معايير جديدة تحمي مصالحها الذاتية.




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