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Palestine Techno Park PTP

The Palestine Techno Park (PTP) is a non-profit organization established in 2016.

The Palestine Techno Park received a generous donation from the Republic of India in order to develop the Palestine – India Techno Park project, which will include the development of the master plan, the India building with 8000 square meters as well as the infrastructure work. Such as, service roads, Parking, Waste Water Treatment Plant and green landscaping.

  Birzeit University has generously donated 20,000 square meters for the benefit of the Palestine Techno Park for Phase 1, with additional 10,000 square meters for subsequent.

The PTP believes in transitioning Palestine towards knowledge-based economy, to cluster local technology sectors and integrate it with global value chains. The PTP believes in creating jobs in the technology sector for Palestinian youth.

PTP welcomes partnerships with economic development initiatives, multinationals, Indian companies, and local cluster of companies.


Why We Are Rolling the Techno Park Initiative


The Palestine Techno Park(PTP) has the following at heart and as vested interest, which is creating jobs in the technology sector thru:

  • Changing brand and image for the technology sector to attract foreign direct - investment.
  • Providing a must-have and essential infrastructure to enable growth in the technology sector.
  • Clustering of the technology entrepreneurship and Startup sector.
  • Integrate the technology sector with global value chains, including hosting multinational companies, innovation labs and capacity building programs.
  • Providing services such as: commercial offices, captive service centers, joint ventures with Palestinian companies, facilitate for soft-landing for multinationals and hosting their innovation and / or R&D funded programs.
  • Targeting Diaspora members in the technology sector to invest in innovation and Research & Development (R&D) in Palestine.
  • Commercialization of R&D at Universities and expose them to potential markets.
  • Bridge the gap between private sector & academic in capacity building and Innovation.
  •  Job creation for the Palestinian youth in the technology sector through the above activities.  


Our mission:

To be the location of choice to seed, grow and commercialize business opportunities by nurturing innovation-led programs across knowledge-based industries as well as developing synergies in the creative and technology clusters by nurturing leadership in collaborating with business, research partners, value chains stakeholders, and promoting innovative value propositions to end markets.

"There is a positive correlation between the availability of smart office space infrastructure and the opportunity to increase job opportunities that are linked to exports"


Our Vision: 

To create a national infrastructure, business environment and culture that will enable knowledge-based enterprises to successfully operate locally, regionally and globally. 

What we offer:

The Palestine Tech Park is a new development project that provides an environment that offers an international standard office space infrastructure as well as business development services. Unlike other concepts and projects, the Techno Park will assemble key implementation partners for its eco-system such as students, academia, financial institution, donors, private sector companies and government agencies.

And here you can see number of the services we offer at PTP:

  • Meeting Rooms
  • Innovation Labs
  • Restaurants > Cafeteria
  • Co-Working Space
  • Video Conference Rooms
  • Various sizes of office space suitable to technology startups and growing companies
  • ATMs
  • Power & Water
  • Connectivity
  • Telephone Connections
  • Parking Space
  • Park Centre:

-Operation & Maintenance Support

-Front Office and Reception

-Comprehensive Business Facilities

  • Proximity to urban Ramallah and Birzeit town
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • On Birzeit Campus and close to Academic Campus


Value Proposition Statement:

For those startups, growing and mature local companies and enterprises that are growing or starting their knowledge-based services and products through exports or increasing local market share and are in search of smart office space, allowing for privacy while clustering with other companies at the PTP environment. 

For those international and multinational companies and enterprises that are growing or starting their knowledge-based services and products through exports or increasing MENA market share and are in search of smart office space

For Palestinian expatriates and diaspora members and investors that are growing or starting their knowledge-based services and products and looking towards developing the products and services in Palestine and are in search of smart office space in MENA






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