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Why we are Rolling

Why We Are Rolling the Techno Park Initiative

The Palestine Techno Park(PTP) has the following at heart and as vested interest, which is creating jobs in the technology sector through:

  • Changing brand and image for the technology sector to attract foreign direct - investment.
  • Providing a must-have and essential infrastructure to enable growth in the technology sector.
  • Clustering of the technology entrepreneurship and Startup sector.
  • Integrate the technology sector with global value chains, including hosting multinational companies, innovation labs and capacity building programs.
  • Providing services such as: commercial offices, captive service centers, joint ventures with Palestinian companies, facilitate for soft-landing for multinationals and hosting their innovation and / or R&D funded programs.
  • Targeting Diaspora members in the technology sector to invest in innovation and Research & Development (R&D) in Palestine.
  • Commercialization of R&D at Universities and expose them to potential markets.
  • Bridge the gap between private sector & academic in capacity building and Innovation.
  •  Job creation for the Palestinian youth in the technology sector through the above activities.  

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